British Royal Family News: Prince Charles Opens Up About How Much He Is Missing Seeing His Family

British Royal Family News finds that Prince Charles gave royal fans an unprecedented insight into how he has been feeling throughout the coronavirus pandemic this week. The heir to the throne opened up about how he has been dealing with the pandemic, and admitted to Sky News that he just wants to be able to give people a hug.

In a message that would echo what everybody around the world is feeling, Charles revealed that the video chats have not been filling the void of not being able to hold the people that he loves most. Charles revealed in the interview that he has been speaking to close family members throughout the pandemic on video calls.

British Royal Family News: Charles Misses His Father

It was a unique look into how Charles has been dealing with life through the pandemic, as he also revealed that he hasn’t seen his father for a very long time. The restrictions in place have meant that Charles has been unable to spend any time with Prince Philip over the past number of months. The regulations have eased slightly, but Charles will still not be able to go and see Philip due to him being classed as vulnerable.

It will be a particularly tough time for Prince Charles, as he will be unable to celebrate his father’s birthday with him. Philip is turning 99 next week, and Charles will not be able to spend any time with him. Instead, he will have to call him on video messenger to pass on his regards. There have been a number of royal birthdays that have been affected by the pandemic up to this point.

British Royal Family News: Missing The Hugs

Charles revealed in the interview that it has been tough for everyone, and admitted that he has been ‘terribly sad’ at the prospect of not seeing his family. He did concede that speaking to family members on the phone did ease the blow a little, but admitted that he just wanted to ‘give people a hug’.

It is a rare turn of events to see Prince Charles open up about his own feelings, but fans welcomed it. Charles has been in self-isolation with Camilla throughout the pandemic, with the prince having to spend time away from his wife for a number of weeks after contracting the coronavirus. However, he made a fully recovery and they were reunited soon after.

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