Did TikToker Bryce Hall Take the Fall For Sway House Member Josh Richards?

As we all know, Bryce Hall from Sway House got arrested alongside his Sway House pal, Jaden Hossler. It was rumored that Addison Rae of Hype House was the one that bailed him out to the tune of $5,000, and that Jaden might have been bailed out by the founder of hype house for $6,500 but all that aside, are we really sure that the cops got the right guy? There’s a rumor going around that Bryce being arrested, while technically corrected according to the police records that are public domain, the behavior that night was very, very out of character for him according to the fans.

Sway House Boys Arrest Update - Did Hype House's Addison Rae Pay Bryce Hall's Bail?

The rumor circulating is that when body-searched, only Jaden had things on him, but when the party bus was searched that the cops found more substances on there. Of course when a cop finds your stash, there’s only one thing you can do, and that’s fess up. It is alleged that Bryce is the one that did the fessin’ but that he was not actually the one in possession of the stuff that he got in trouble about. A lot of fans are saying that the stash actually belonged to fellow Sway House member Josh Richards but that Bryce took the fall for him because as it turns out, Josh is Canadian, and could actually get deported if found in possession of drugs in Texas.

Sway House: Did Bryce take the fall for Josh? 

It was said that Josh went on live for about 2 minutes thanking Bryce for his heroic deed but so far it seems no one was actually getting footage of that when the footage was being offered. So as it stands right now, that is a rumor. The only thing that kind of makes us wonder if this whole rumor is true or not is that a of August 2019 on Twitter and claim not to smoke pot, so just going by that tweet, this whole arrest is very out of character for him. Either way, rumor or not, Bryce is looking at 180 days in county jail and a $2,000 fine, if convicted. Will Josh stand up and be a real pal and help pay for his legal fees in all this? We can only hope so.

If not, it looks like Addison Rae’s Dad might be of some help. He has been commenting on things on TikTok saying in one comment, “omg I have so much respect for them after what they did to help Bryce.” Now, I don’t know about you but I could not have gotten my hands on $5K really quickly when I was 20 years old, so maybe Dad came in and helped Addison grease the wheels of justice, as it were. Although he’s saying “they” so that could just be he respects the members of Hype House, maybe they came together and pooled their money to get Bryce and Jaden out. Right now, it’s all rumors and speculation and likely will be fore awhile, when things get legal you can’t talk about them until everything is done. So we’ll be awaiting that “How I got arrested” storytime, guys! Stay tuned!!!

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