ITV ‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: More Heartbreak For Leanne Battersby As Nick Tilsley Makes Stunning Decision

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ITV ‘Coronation Street’ spoilers have indicated that Nick Tilsley could make a stunning decision over the coming weeks. Viewers have watched on in disbelief over the past week, as it has been confirmed that Leanne and Steve McDonald’s son has a life-limiting illness. The couple have been able to hold it together to this point, but that could be about to change.

Leanne, Steve and Nick Tilsley have refused to leave Oliver’s bedside throughout the ordeal. However, the stunning revelation that the child has mitochondrial disorder could prove to be the final straw for Nick. The parents have been doing their best to find out more about the illness, with Steve convinced that their son will be able to lead a normal life.

ITV ‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Leanne Puts Oliver Before Nick

In future scenes, the parents will sit down with experts to talk about their next step. Steve is convinced that his son will be able to make a full recovery, but there could be a stern reminder that he shouldn’t be expecting miracles. The scene will see Steve and Leanne sit down with experts as they are told that Oliver has a rare disorder.

It will be a stark reminder to fans that are heartbreaking scenes ahead for the characters, as they will be faced with the prospect of potentially losing their son. There isn’t a cure for the illness, which means that the medical professionals will be honest with what their real chances are. But, Leanne could be faced with going through the ordeal without Nick by her side.

ITV ‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Leanne Remains Hopeful That She Can Save Him

Leanne is still stinging by the realisation that her son is ill, and in future scenes, she will be that determined to help him get through it that she refuses help from everybody else. She is adamant that he will survive through the illness, but Steve is more level-headed about Oliver’s chances of doing so.

Leanne will refuse the assistance from Nick in the coming scenes, as she reveals that she is capable of looking after him by herself. Nick will be stunned by the comments, and it could drive a wedge between them in their relationship. Fans are already fearing that this could be the end to their relationship, which would be heartbreaking considering that they have been dating on-and-off since 1997. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.

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