British Royal Family News: Prince William Opens Up About Kate Middleton’s Support Through Fatherhood

British royal family news has revealed that Prince William has opened up about the support that he gets from his wife when it comes to being a father. In a revealing interview, Prince William has revealed that his wife has played an integral role in his growth as a father. The admission came as William opened up to former soccer star Marvin Sordell.

The prince opened up about his home life when asked about it in the upcoming BBC documentary called ‘Football, Prince William, and our Mental Health’. The documentary is set to be one of the most important of the year, as William delves deep into the issue and why so many men refuse to open up about their emotions.

British Royal Family News: William Opens Up About Kate’s Role

William reveals in the documentary that he struggled to become a father as it brought up many painful emotions surrounding the loss of his mother. He admitted that the emotions kept returning and that he found the experience testing, as he revealed it was ‘overwhelming’. However, he then revealed that Kate plays a huge role in supporting him.

The Duke admitted that Kate and he support each other and that they constantly evolve and grow. He also admitted that they have learnt so much from each other. The touching moment will air in the documentary as William and Sordell talk about the lack of parental figures in their lives. It will give an interesting look into Prince William, as he will be honest and open about his own troubles that he has experienced.

British Royal Family News: William Speaks To Huge Number Of People Involved In The Sport

The documentary airs on Thursday, and promises to be one that will interest royal fans as much as sports fans. William will speak to fans, players and coaches about the stigma, but the part where he speaks to Sordell is guaranteed to hit a nerve with viewers. William will admit to the former Watford star that his father would be proud of him, before he replies that Prince Diana would be extremely proud of William too.

Sordell will also speak honestly about his battle with depression, and his suicide attempt in 2013. The issue is certainly something that is close to William’s heart, and fans of the royal family will be given a unique look into the future king when it airs this week. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. Don’t forget to come back to TV Rocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favorite daytime television soaps.