Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Noelia and Diego take shocking turns


Telemundo La Doña spoilers reveal Lucho Navarrete (Bernardo Flores) is finally getting what he deserves. After almost a while season running free and torturing women, Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula) has him under her control. Surprisingly, she involved another person in her scheme. But will this whole thing backfire badly? Here’s what you need to know.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Winding down

With only a couple of episodes left, it was about time Lucho got caught by someone. And it’s especially fitting that someone was Altagracia. She’d taken him hostage in a previous episode after raiding Braulio Padilla’s (José María Galeano) warehouse. Sadly, La Doña spoilers reveal she didn’t find Regina Sandoval (Andrea Martí), her objective. Lucho could lead her to Regina, though, so we’re not surprised she kept him alive. We are, however, surprised at who she got to help teach him a few things.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Massive turnaround

Oddly enough, it was Noelia Molina (Paola Fernández). We say this because she’s been so anti-Altagracia through the season. In fact, she’s judged Altagracia a lot since arriving on the show. She didn’t approve of Altagracia kidnapping and harming people. Even those who likely kidnapped and helped murder Mónica Hernández (Danna Paola). So, when she accepted Altagracia’s call and agreed to keep this quiet, it got our attention. Even more so when she participated in some torture. She was so rough, Altagracia even held her back some to avoid killing Lucho. There’s info to get first.

We love this twist. It’s showing the complexity that we’ve always loved about Altagracia, while also making Noelia a more layered character. It also shows how easy it is to judge a person for their actions. That is, until you’ve been through so much of the same and you’re pushed to limits you never thought you’d go beyond. Also nice is how Noelia is fully embracing this, even as she still realizes she’s doing something that’s not exactly okay. So, where is this all going?

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: What’s next

First off, La Doña spoilers reveal that Regina is still missing. Sadly, she doesn’t seem to be getting free any time soon. Diego Padilla (Leo Deluglio) is so twisted by Lucho’s manipulations, he isn’t even recognizable now. When he and Braulio learned that Altagracia has Lucho, Diego is the one who decided Regina has to die because of it. He even assaulted her, leaving the pregnant Regina in pain and scared she’s losing her baby. This show is great at twisting things around and surprising us. But we wonder if that’s going to be a bit of a weakness.

There is so much to be resolved in only a couple of episodes. Regina’s kidnapping, obviously. Romelia Vega (Kika Edgar) is still alive and León Contreras (Carlos Ponce) is furious she got harmed after he promised protection. Then there’s the potential romance between Matamoros (Aquiles Cervantes) and Altagracia’s maid, his continued guilt about the fire he couldn’t save his kids from, and Eunice “La Felina” Lara’s (Maricela González) problems with Interpol and hiding he son. Not to mention the uneasy truce between her and Altagracia. They both agreed that had to be dealt with later. There’s so much left, in fact, we see no way of them resolving it all in two episodes.

That leaves a big question. Ratings for this season weren’t as great as the first one, plus Univision continues to be the winner of the ratings race. They’d need another short season, at the very least, to resolve things properly. That makes us wonder if we’re staring down a cliffhanger end, as there’s still no word we’ve seen on a season 3. Stay tuned, as we’ll be keeping an eye out for any developments.

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