EastEnders Spoilers: Keegan Baker Looking At Prison Time In Heartbreaking Twist?

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EastEnders Spoilers finds that it has been an eventful week in Walford, but things are set to get more dramatic over the coming weeks as a house party takes a turn for the worse. One character that will find himself in hot water after the party will be Keegan Baker, as he is arrested after a police car has a brick thrown at it.

It doesn’t look good for Keegan as the evidence against him is beginning to mount up, and there doesn’t look like there will be a way out. He realises the seriousness of his situation as he makes the decision to ask his girlfriend to marry him. But, could he really be looking at prison time?

EastEnders Spoilers: Could Keegan Go To Prison?

The evidence would certainly look like there is no escape for Keegan. The incident happens at Vinny Panesar’s party, but was Keegan really the one that threw the brick? Jack Branning will be on hand to offer his help to Keegan, but Jack will be struggling to give Keegan any hope given that the crime was very serious.

The night of the party would begin in celebration for Keegan as he gives an old engagement ring to Tiffany. That moment of celebration would be short-lived however as the party that they go to ends in drama. The police are called after an altercation between Hari and Ash and Iqra.

EastEnders Spoilers: Tiffany & Keegan Leave The Party

As the situation begins to spiral out of control, Keegan and Tiffany decide to leave. However, Tiffany is stunned later in the evening when the police arrest Keegan and she quickly asks Jack to help her. But, as they are told about the serious allegations against Keegan, could his chances of freedom be effectively over?

The drama doesn’t stop there next week, as Tiffany also drops a bombshell on her boyfriend. Spoilers haven’t revealed what this news could be, but fans will be hoping that the young couple will be able to make it through this testing period.

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