BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Bobby Beale Overhears Conversation As Ian Beale Threatens To Come Out

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BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers finds that Ian Beale has been forced to live a lie over the past couple of months, and the pressure on him only continues to mount during the upcoming episodes of EastEnders. The soap legend hasn’t been truthful with the other residents in Walford regarding his part in the death of Dennis Rickman. Viewers will remember that Ian locked Dennis in the basement on the night of his fateful death.

His secret is close to coming out over the coming weeks, as Dotty Cotton continues to turn the screw and mess with his head. She is beginning to tell more and more residents on the square about Ian’s part in Dennis’s death, but could one character be about to demand an explanation?

BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Bobby Overhears Conversation

The pressure on Ian is beginning to tell, as viewers found out last night when he was arguing with Dotty. She has managed to get under his skin, and that led him to a shouting match with the teenager. However, he will be forced to answer difficult questions over the coming weeks as Bobby overheard their argument.

Ian will be lost for words when he discovers that Bobby could be about to learn the truth, and will be scrambling looking for an answer. However, could Ian be too late to tell his side of the story as Dotty gets to him first? Bobby already has a crush on Dotty, which means he could be blindly led by his heart.

BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Ian Working Hard To Cover Tracks

A few weeks ago, fans will remember that Dotty was blackmailing Ian. However, her evidence that proved Ian played apart has now been destroyed. She admitted that there was also CCTV footage, but Ian found out that she was bluffing about that, as Ben Mitchell told him last night that nothing existed.

Dotty has been working hard to get the evidence that she needs to blackmail Ian, as she has her eyes set on The Arches. However, after Ian deleted the voicemail that she found, she now has no clear evidence. But, viewers will have to continue watching to see if she has a different plan in store for Ian now.

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