BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Ian Beale To Run Away From Walford As Truth Is Revealed?

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BBC ‘EastEnders’ spoilers finds that it has been a testing couple of weeks for the conscious of Ian Beale, as the walls begin to close in on his secret. Viewers will remember that Ian isn’t as innocent as he has been making out regarding the death of Dennis Rickman. Ian was the one to lock him in the basement, which was subsequently the reason why he was unable to escape the sinking boat.

The EastEnders legend has had to live with his actions over the past number of weeks, but it would seem that the truth could come out soon. Sharon Mitchell is still unaware of the part played by Ian, but their friendship would be over as soon as the revelation is dropped.

BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Dotty Cotton Closing In On Ian Beale

Dotty Cotton is the person behind the truth being revealed, as she has continued to blackmail Ian Beale over the past couple of weeks. She is determined to get the truth out in the open, and has blackmailed Ian to stop her from doing so.

She has asked Ian to hand over The Arches in exchange for her silence, but he could have made matters worse over the past couple of days. Ian stole Dotty’s phone while she was sleeping and deleted the voice recording that she had. That will only make her angrier and will lead her to come up with a new cunning plan.

BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Will Ian Run Away From Walford?

Dotty will enlist the help of Vinny Panesar to bring down Ian, as she tells him the entire story. Vinny will be enraged by what he is hearing, and will immediately try and take the law into his own hands. But, when Ian finds out that more people are hearing about the truth, could he about to leave Walford for good?

Ian’s friendship with Sharon has been the only thing that has been keeping her going over the past couple of weeks. Viewers will be fearing that the revelation could do more harm than good, but they will have to continue watching to see how it plays out.

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