Telemundo ‘Operación Pacífico’ Spoilers: The custody hearing reveals Amalia and Jorge’s character

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Telemundo Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate there’s a difference between Amalia Ortega (Majida Issa) and Jorge Camacho (Luciano D’Alessandro). Tuesday’s episode showcased that perfectly. As the custody hearing got underway, we saw the former spouses in different situations. So, how did things work out? And what might help Amalia? Here’s what you need to know.

Telemundo ‘Operación Pacífico’ Spoilers: Background

First off, let’s back up a sec and talk the mess that is this couple. Amalia works too much in Jorge’s opinion. She’s barely around, and his work always comes second. A somewhat sympathetic argument, except he used this as an excuse to bang anything he can afford to pay. And he even tried to sleep with his sister-in-law, Mariana Ortega (Johanna Fadul). When Amalia found out, things got ugly.

So far, Jorge’s handled this about as well as a five-year-old who’s favorite toy was stolen from him. He went so far as to argue Amalia is a danger to the kids, and he needs a restraining order. He’s also shown little concern for her personal safety, even after she risked her life to save his. A situation he never would’ve been in had he not been with another of his prepagos, who just happened to work for the bad guys.

Telemundo ‘Operación Pacífico’ Spoilers: His side

So far, Operación Pacífico spoilers indicate his case should be a 50/50 thing. The issue was, Amalia got rid of the evidence he’d been sleeping with other women as a gesture of kindness. Plus, he’s got a secret baby mama, and he’s getting involved in shady business dealings. However, there’s no proof of that yet, either. And so far, he looks like that good, responsible one. He was actually at the hearing. But his behavior after shows who he really is.

When his secret baby mama was hinted at afterwards, he acted like some victim of a secretary who let herself get pregnant. He and his lawyer were scrambling to figure out how Amalia’s rep knew this, and his lawyer wanted to know what else might be hiding in the shadows, ready to sink the case. Of course, we didn’t see him admit to anything else yet. But just wait. It shouldn’t be long before that’s all well-known.

Telemundo ‘Operación Pacífico’ Spoilers: Her side

By contrast, Operación Pacífico spoilers reveal Amalia missed the hearing because she was hallucinating and on the verge of death after a snake bite. Something that happened to her after she and Gabriel Pedraza (Mark Tacher) ended up having to hide in the desert. Her life’s been at risk more than once this season in pursuit of saving the world from the evils of drug trafficking.

She was desperate to get back in time, but these circumstances got in the way. Still, even after she was forced to miss the hearing, she had her eye on the prize. She refused to go back with empty hands, now that her chance was likely blown. She seems to have a genuinely selfless personality. Sadly, she chose a dangerous profession. That’s why we can’t be sure what will happen.

Telemundo ‘Operación Pacífico’ Spoilers: Possible outcome?

This was mentioned briefly in the episode, and we think it’s a strong possibility. Amalia’s people should use caution with what they do against Jorge. Between his dirt, and the danger Amalia’s job recently put her in, it’s possible neither will come out the winner here. That might just destroy Amalia, but Jorge is so childish at times, we think he’d take being denied a victory harder than not seeing the kids.

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