Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Lucho’s game is over!

Telemundo La Doña spoilers indicate Lucho Navarrete’s (Bernardo Flores) time is up. With what went down on Tuesday, March 3rd, he’s not only in the crosshairs again, but he’s lost valuable support. What can we expect now that the pressure is really on? Here’s what we see.

La Doña spoilers: Busted

First of all, let’s take a step back and look at where things started. We know Lucho’s the leader of the Rainbow killers. We also know that León Contreras (Carlos Ponce) has suspected this for quite some time. With the death of his son, León was more determined than ever to prove it. He obviously thought (correctly) Lucho caused the crash that killed Ángel Contreras (Diego Escalona). La Doña spoilers indicate he hasn’t had the proof to back it up. Plus, his father, José Luis Navarrete (David Zepeda) is a powerful guy who’s been using all his influence to protect his son. Gotta love when a parent is blinded to the truth of their twisted little offspring. However, things are different now.

La Doña spoilers: Game changer

Part of the reason things changed is Noelia Molina (Paola Fernández). She was captured by Lucho and almost became another victim who’s suffering he could sell to the dark web. Lucky for her, she managed to escape him. However, she was in such bad shape, she’s spent the past episode or two out of it. But them managing to track her and find her was enough to help blow things wide open.

Near where Noelia was found, La Doña spoilers indicate some twisted discoveries came to light. The cops discovered a bunch of containers in a body of water. They contained the dissolved remains of not only Rainbow victims, but Lucho’s co-conspirators. When they identified Eduardo Pérez (Agustín Argüello), it became clear he couldn’t have taken Noelia. He was already dead by then. Therefore, the suspicion immediately went back to Lucho. And this time, Daddy can’t help him. Especially after Noelia woke later and identified him as her attacker.

La Doña spoilers: Had enough

So, who’s been helping José Luis protect him? Ricardo Vidal (Eric del Castillo), León’s corrupt boss. Well, he was helping. After the discovery of Eduardo’s body, Ricardo made it clear that he can no longer vouch for Lucho. The evidence pointing to him is becoming too clear to ignore, and he’s not trying to get locked up alongside Lucho. Expect him to pull away more once he learns Noelia identified Lucho. We also should expect to see things get very tense in the Navarrete house.

First off, there’s Lucho’s careless attitude. He’s always late, he has too many questions surrounding him, and Jose Luis is still not sure that Lucho didn’t mess up that project. With this latest news, we expect José Luis to seek Lucho out. If he doesn’t get in touch with him, he’ll have a lot more questions when he does. This is not going to be good for another character.

By other character, we mean Isabela Sandoval (Paola Albo). She stupidly hooked up with Lucho. And despite the questions surrounding him, she sticks by him. She even covered for him a couple of times while he was off taking care of Rainbow business. She just thinks he’s a drunk who’s having a hard time staying sober. When this latest comes out, though, Isabel might regret her loyalty. We can easily see Lucho doing something to her when the pressure is really on. Especially if she hears this first and confronts him. Stay tuned, because things are getting good. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.