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Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Noelia crosses a line


Telemundo La Doña spoilers indicate Noelia Molina (Paola Fernández) needs to check herself. So far, we’ve enjoyed her. She’s feisty, smart, and managed to survive Lucho Navarrete (Bernardo Flores). However, a recent incident has us wondering about her. Here’s what you need to know.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: The stand off

So, she’s had a a problem with Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula) for quite some time. This didn’t stop her from agreeing to investigate the Revenge Squad for Altagracia, although she had a chip on her shoulder about it. We can sort of understand, especially since one of them was Sebastián Céspedes (Rafael Ernesto), the doctor she hooked up with. However, after, she had a massive attitude toward Altagracia. And it came to a head Thursday, March 12th. She’d met with León Contreras (Carlos Ponce) to discuss Sebastian’s recent death. She’s been convinced (rightly so) that Altagracia was holding him.

La Doña spoilers reveal she was confrontational. She called Leon out for defending Altagracia, then accused him of looking the other way on her crimes. Noelia might want to look in the mirror.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Hypocrite

Noelia isn’t much better than she says León is. She knew Sebastian had contact with the Revenge Squad and hid it from Altagracia. Even knowing they were responsible for kidnapping Mónica Hernández (Danna Paola), she didn’t even bring the information to León. She just sat on it, and León called her on that once she finally got around to admitting what she knows. Noelia’s wrong call allowed them to continue their plot, and Braulio Padilla (José María Galeano) to run around unchecked. If she’d talked, they might have been able to do something to prevent Sebastian’s death and catch the others. So, what should we expect next?


Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Speculation

We have a feeling Noelia will continue holding a grudge, and we think we know why. She’d expressed an interest in him, and he isn’t for it. Not only that, but he’s getting close to Altagracia. We think her jealousy is fueling some of this behavior. Also, she’s been so used to doing her own thing that she’s gotten too confident. This already led to her getting caught by Lucho. Luckily for her, she’s got a strength from all she experienced that helped her survive. However, Lucho is still out there. And La Doña spoilers  reveal José Luis Navarrete (David Zepeda) is out to destroy her and her mother over what he feels are false accusations. We think she’ll continue to make mistakes like when she called to confront José Luis. It will make José Luis more determined than every to take them both down. He’s already gotten a reporter to more or less slam Florencia Molina (Patricia Reyes Spíndola) for accusing Lucho publicly, so it can only get worse from here.

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