Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight Surprise’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Sobinoff And Seb Guilhaus Say Final Vows!

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Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight Surprise’ spoilers finds that in a crazy turn of events, Elizabeth Sobinoff decided that she wants to stay with her fiance, Seb Guilhaus after all. Just a few days ago, she left without him and fans were sure that it was over for good. The tables have turned and now Elizabeth is ready to make the final step to declare her love to Seb. We have the full story on what happened and when they will say “I do.”

‘Married at First Sight Surprise’ Spoilers: The Experiment and How it Turns Out

This Lifetime television show is an experiment where contestants will spend time with men and women that they have never met. They are paired up by different relationship experts based on their likes and dislikes. They get to know each other a little more, still never have seen each other, and then based on what they have felt, they decide to get married or not. Elizabeth and Seb met and they turned a friendship quickly into a relationship and engagement. Just a few days ago, we found out that she was leaving and she was leaving without Seb. She clearly had a big change of heart.

‘Married at First Sight Surprise’ Spoilers: Elizabeth And Seb say Final Vows

Some pictures leaked of their ceremony and the two of them looked as happy as ever. Elizabeth was dressed in an adorable white dress and Seb in a white shirt and beige blazer. The wedding looked small and intimate and the couple was all smiles. On Wednesday, Elizabeth posted on her Instagram account that she was still with Seb after posting a selfie with him. She told fans that he was her king and captioned the picture, “No matter what happens with us, my angel, I will always treasure these moments in life.”

On Tuesday, Elizabeth did voice her worries about the future with Seb when they leave the experiment. Going into the outside world is tough when you have only spent time with someone inside the experiment. This made her very anxious and worried about what would happen when they were finished with the experiment. She put up walls with Seb since on last season’s show, she was heartbroken by Sam Ball. She just didn’t want the same thing happening again.

Elizabeth told Seb, “I really could have something great with you, but I’ve just not put in the hard work and just let the past go. And I’m scared of it.” Fans were unsure of just how she felt until she decided to say “I do.” Keep up with these two on Instagram, where Elizabeth has been posting quite a bit lately.

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