Bravo Real Housewives of Dallas Spoilers: Kary Brittingham Getting Backlash As Diversity Debate Rages On!

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Bravo Real Housewives of Dallas spoilers tease that Kary Brittingham is getting a lot of back lash lately on the Real Housewives of Dallas. She is the newest member of the show and fans don’t quite get her. She has been attacked quite a bit on the show by former cast members and on social media. Former cast member, LeeAnne Locken has been attacking her ethnicity and that has started to spark some intense conversations on social media.

Bravo Real Housewives of Dallas Spoilers: Chats on Social Media about Diversity!

LeeAnne is not the only housewife that has brought up Kary’s race. Anyone remember Claudia Jordan from the first season of Real Housewives of Atlanta? She is now going at it with Kary. Claudia posted on Instagram, “and STILL no women of color… Dallas come on now. There are soooo many beautiful, fun, cool wealthy women of color in the Dallas social scene that should be considered for this show and still nothing. It didn’t have to be me-but PLEASE consider representing better.”

Bravo Real Housewives of Dallas Spoilers: Diversity Debate!

Kary was super quick to reply to Claudia and that’s when it all started. “Claudia, you did try out and I actually hoped you would come on the show, but I could make the same argument about many other shows including Atlanta. That they don’t have any latinas! Are you implying that only black people count as diversity?? Or only black people have spice???” That’s when Claudia told Kary that they need to talk about this.

Claudia also said, “Kary, you’ve missed the entire point. The show should reflect the demographic of the CITY they are portraying. So are you saying they have you so no need for more ethnicities since they have you?” Kary fired back, “I don’t think it’s ok to say DALLAS is not getting the needed spice just because they didn’t add a black woman.” These two went back and forth about this issue for quite some time. Finally, Claudia said, “Ya’ll gotta stop attacking anyone that has a damn opinion. I can’t be socially conscious without having a personal motive? Dumb and dumber. I don’t have to benefits from something to care about the greater good.”

It is good to see a chat about diversity on the show, but Kary has a point. There is a latina on the show already and that is more than most of the shows have currently. Who’s side are you on? Do you think there needs to be more diversity? You can follow these two on social media, where they are very active. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.


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