BBC America Killing Eve Spoilers: New teaser gives more insight

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BBC America Killing Eve spoilers indicate the new season is almost here. Season 3 was supposed to come out in late April, but BBC America/AMC is giving us all a gift as we hang out at home. They’ve upped the premiere to the 12th of April, and they’re giving fans plenty of material in the meantime. Here’s what you need to know about the series, and this new teaser.

BBC America Killing Eve Spoilers: The show

Check out this other article for a little bit more about the backstory of Killing Eve. But this new promo brings up even more elements of the show we want to fill you in on. Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) lost her job at MI5 because of her obsession with serial killers—especially the female ones. Lucky for her, Killing Eve spoilers say a new character came along and gave her a purpose. Her name is Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), and she happens to be the subject of a new promo.

BBC America Killing Eve Spoilers: The promo

The latest clip is short, but sweet. It’s only about 15 seconds, but it reveals several Killing Eve spoilers in that brief time. Carolyn has always been a bit off to us. She’s part of MI6, and is the one who gave Eve a job there helping to track Villanelle (Jodie Comer). However, she’s also had some shady moments that make us wonder. Particularly about her connection to a dangerous group known as “The Twelve”.

She’s definitely a fun character, though. Maybe second in her eyes to Villanelle. And by the looks of the promo, she’ll continue to be awesome and a bit out there. We particularly love two clips in the video. One, when she promises to have someone killed. It looks as though they think she’s joking, and they even share a laugh. But we’re pretty sure she’s serious.

The other part we love was near the end. She’s told word is, she’s been very naughty. Her response? An innocent, “Have I?” The vocal inflection definitely sells it. Check out the full promo to see some other clips.

BBC America Killing Eve Spoilers: Bottom line

From the latest promo, we see that she will continue to be the slightly eccentric, yet clearly dangerous character we know. And she’ll keep Eve around, although we’re not quite sure why. Well, other than she’s the title character. But it also looks as though she’ll remain a big part of the show, which is where she belongs. Stay tuned.

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