TLC Counting On Spoilers: Social Media is Buzzing For Jill & Derick Duggar!

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TLC Counting On spoilers finds that the Duggar family is known for its dynamic and large number of offspring. Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Duggar are happy to announce that one of their children is ready to take a big step in his life. Israel Dillard is ready to start kindergarten! These two took to social media to make the huge announcement. She posted a video of his registration at his new school. What was super shocking to fans is that he is attending public school!

Jill was so proud to post the video of Israel going to register at his new school. She posted, “So, I am getting the boys some breakfast right now and in just a little bit, we’re going to head over to the school today and tomorrow, they have kindergarten registration. So Israel is gonna get registered for kindergarten!” She was thrilled about taking him to do this! The couple drove in two different cars just in case it ran over. Derick still has classes to attend, so they wanted to be prepared.

TLC Counting On Spoilers: Social Media is Buzzing

Jill said that Israel was so excited when they were driving to his school. It was an adorable scene when the brothers walked into the school together. Israel held his brother Sam’s hand. Israel got even more excited as they got closer and closer to the entrance. The Dillards could see the excitement and joy in his eyes. He was so excited that he ran into the school without his parents!

When they got to the registration booth, one of the teachers wrote his name on a board and then the pictures started going. There were many pictures taken of him on his very special day. He had to go back for a kindergarten screening, but he was patient and cooperated with the teachers that were there to help get him registered. They told the Dillards that he was 100% ready for kindergarten!

When the Duggar children were growing up, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar homeschooled them because they wanted “to do a Christian-based curriculum-one in which there’s a lot of character emphasis, character building like responsibility, honesty, and self-control.” When Jill posted that Israel was attending public school, fans of the former cast member praised her. “Great choice. Public school outside the home! I think that is a very positive choice. Good for you guys. And if down the road you wish to homeschool,  you can”, wrote her fans. We are so happy for Israel and cannot wait to see the updates in September.

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