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TLC Counting On Spoilers: Is Jill Dillard Done Having Kids?

TLC Counting On Spoilers: Is Jill Dillard Done Having Kids?

TLC Counting On Spoilers tell us to leave it to the rumor mill to call out Jill Dillard. She may be done having children and after she was seen giving a crib away, fans think that this could be it for her and Derick Dillard. Her two sons used to sleep in the crib together, but she was seen giving it to her sister-in-law, Lauren Duggar, this past week. The family took to social media to celebrate this momentous occasion.

TLC Counting On Spoilers: Why Did She Give The Crib Away?

Josiah Duggar’s wife Lauren posted on Instagram to show her followers the new baby’s room. She showed off the artwork in baby Bella’s room and gave links to where everything came from. A fan asked about where to get the crib and Lauren posted, “I’m afraid I don’t have the link to the crib. It was a hand me down.” She did tag Jill in this post though. Some fans think that Jill just let Lauren borrow the crib for the time being because they don’t need it currently. Others think that this is a sign that Jill and Derick are done having children.

TLC Counting On Spoilers: Is Jill Done Having Kids?

Jill has been open about her life with two children and posted a video about it on social media not too long ago. The video was of her being exhausted after a day with the boys. She went on and on about how being a mom is stressful, but very rewarding. Then she said, “This is life with just two kids..Yeah.” She did end the video with “LOL.” Jill has always wanted a lot of children and wanted to follow in her parents footsteps when it comes to it, but we’re not sure if she has changed her mind after having two boys very close in age.

Derick has spoken out on social media about having more children too. “We never said we don’t believe in birth control. My parents waited 11 years to start having kids, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Each Christian family should follow God’s leading for their own family, regarding when and how many kids to have.” Jill isn’t looking to go into a new career because she loves being a stay at home mom. She has spoken out about it quite a bit.

If these two are finished having children, that is ultimately their decision. We do wish them well in these choices and are excited to see the boys grow up. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.