TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Anna and Mursel – Anna Answers Our Questions!

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TLC 90 Day Fiancé spoilers finds that recently, Anna of Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu did another IG Q&A but this time only over text. She answered a few questions that some of us have been wondering since, well, day one, really. She even went into detail about the father of her sons. When asked if he was involved in his son’s life at all, she said that he texts the older two sons, Joey and Gino, and calls a couple of times a year but that’s it. Apparently from the sound of it he is not involved in little Leo’s life at all, in spite of him being his biological son. Anna didn’t exactly come out and say that in so many words but as much is implied. Either way, we can’t really speculate as to whether that’s sad or whether Leo’s dodging a bullet there.

She also said that she has been to Turkey three times, and in spite of all the kerfuffle raised about hers and Mursel’s relationship recently, she said that apparently when she visited Turkey that his Mom actually loved her and within 20 minutes of meeting that they were making fry bread together. So what was all the fuss about her having two kids, seriously? She also said that her favorite turkish food was a dish called Kisir and that she also ate Buffalo Yogurt and it was amazing. She says that Turkey is the most beautiful place she’s ever seen, so if they ever wanted to relocate I guess that’s a good thing.

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Anna and Mursel – Anna answered our questions

Of hers and Mursel’s relationship she said the one thing she would do differently is pushing for him to tell his family about her children sooner and we cannot concur more. This major relationship drama could have all been avoided with a little more honesty and a lot less of… whatever that was. She was asked about Mursel’s sister and why she harbors so much resentment for Anna to which Anna replied, “I don’t know why… I guess it’s because she’s jealous and unmarried?” oh, the shade!

Anna even opened up about her previous employment, she said she had worked in a vocational setting for years, and managed a group home. Rigt now, aside from her beekeeping business she cares for two mentally challenged people in her home and she said that she finds this kind of work rewarding because she loves making a difference in someone’s life. It certainly sounds like she chose this field for the right reasons. We wish her good luck in everything.

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