British Royal News: Harry Returns To UK For First Time

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British Royal News finds that Prince Harry made his first appearance as a working royal on Wednesday afternoon as he was in Edinburgh to speak at the eco-tourism summit. Before taking to the stage, those in attendance were told that there was no time for royal titles today and that he would just like to be called ‘Harry’.

The news came as a shock to some of those in attendance, as they found it hard to simply call him by his first name. It was the first time that Harry had been in the UK speaking at a public event since leaving Britain in January to return to Meghan and his son.

British Royal News: Harry Speaks At Conference

Harry also spoke during the conference, as he admitted that he hopes that he could create a platform which would allow people to work together to improve travel and the environment. The event was also attended by representatives from Travalyst, the EICC and Visit Scotland.

The prior mentioned Travalyst is a project that the Duke of Sussex is involved in. The project aims to make it easier for tourists to choose eco-friendly choices when travelling over the summer. Travalyst has brought together some of the industry leaders, but it has still faced backlash following Prince Harry’s use of a private jet.

British Royal News: Harry Laidback On Reappearance

Those in attendance for the event have admitted that the prince looked laidback throughout the conference. He was pictured smiling before the event and exchanging pleasantries with those who had attended the event. Harry’s work wasn’t over there, however, as he had meetings for the remainder of the day with over 100 figures from the world of travel and tourism.

The aim of the event was to discuss the growth of tourism within Edinburgh and the remainder of Scotland. The city was named among the worst-affected tourist destinations in the world last year, alongside Venice and Rome. Just minutes before Harry took to the stage, there was an official post published from his and Meghan’s Instagram page that highlighted the work that Travalyst wants to do in Scotland.

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