TLC Counting On Spoilers: Was Jill Duggar at Her Grandmother’s Funeral?

TLC Jill Duggar

TLC Counting On spoilers finds that the Duggars are a close family and we saw them lose their grandmother this past year. We have been hearing a lot about Derick Dillard and wife, Jill Duggar. Rumors have been going around that they cannot visit the family without permission of Jim Bob Duggar. This led many fans to wonder of Jill was even able to go to her grandmother’s funeral. We have some news on what happened and if she was there.

Dillard has been sharing a lot of information with his fans lately and some of them are wondering just what Jill can go to now that there seems to be a feud between the Duggars and the Dillards. Did Jill attend Grandma Mary’s funeral or did she stay away because of her husband?

TLC Counting On Spoilers: Was Jill Duggar at Her Grandmother’s Funeral?

On one of Derick’s posts, a fan wrote, “Never see you, Jill or the kids in any episodes. Not even the heart-wrenching episode of grandmother Duggar’s death.” Derick was pretty quick to reply to this fan saying, “Not our fault. TLC cut out any family that they don’t want viewers to see in attendance. It wasn’t in the script for us or the Kings to be there.” Fans were thrown off by this because this is supposed to be reality television and not a scripted show. Did TLC edit them out or did they not go at all? Derick’s reply was a little sketchy, to say the least.

Derick then added, “The show is only about what TLC wants it to be about. They’ll just edit it out or create their own storyline.” He also told his fans that the network only wants the viewers to see certain things and he did make the suggestion that he and Jill were there, but it was edited out. After looking at Jill’s Instagram, we can see what she wrote about the funeral. She posted, “Very hard, yet beautiful day. This lovely service honored our grandmother and showed how Mary Grandma loved… Jesus Christ! Thank you to all of the family and friends who came together to celebrate her.” The picture was of the funeral service and everyone huddled up together. Clearly, she was there, but there are no other photos of her or Derick at all.

It is a very interesting thing to be concerned about because even in the picture she posted, it was, as she wanted to be away from the cameras and her family members. No matter what happened that day, we are sorry for the loss of Grandma Mary and we hope that the Duggar family can remember all of the good times that they had with her.

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