British Royal News: Backlash For Meghan And Harry


British Royal News finds that it has been an eventful start to 2020 for Meghan and Harry. They first decided to ditch the remainder of the royal family and become independent. However, they have received backlash within weeks of making that decision as they have supported a company that played a part in the suicide of a prisoner.

The couple posted on the social media channels asking followers to ‘talk’, however, some have criticised their decision to support Bell, as they played a role in the death of Cleve Geddes. The company have also been criticised for the price of usage, with many believing it is too expensive.

British Royal News: Bell Part In Suicide

The prison was said to have schizophrenia and hung himself in his cell in 2017 after he couldn’t get through to his parents. He couldn’t get through as Bell restricts the numbers that prisoners can call. The only numbers that they can call with that kind of contract are landline numbers. He was arrested a few days before his death, but the police took him straight to prison and didn’t take him to the hospital to be assessed. He was taken straight to his cell, and that was where he hung himself two days later. The company were also criticised for their prices, as a 20-minute call could cost $30.

British Royal News: Meghan And Harry Support Initiative

The Bell initiative has been one of the biggest commitments to helping mental health in Canada, with many posting online stating that they should talk. Meghan and Harry got involved by posting their emotional message on the same day by encouraging people to talk. The couple highlighted the importance of talking through issues and the importance of a positive mental attitude. They concluded their post by encouraging all their followers to be kind to each other, as that could go a long way into helping the well-being of others.

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