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The Witcher Could Be Netflix's Next Hit Show

The Witcher Could Be Netflix’s Next Hit Show

Of the trailers Netflix has dropped this year, one of the shows that really caught my attention was The Witcher. Starring Henry Cavill, best known for his role as Superman in several DC films, it looks amazing. It’s also something outside of what you normally get from Netflix: a show with a fantasy setting. 

You had the popular Hemlock Grove, a show I enjoyed despite it having a syrupy pace in the first two seasons. The pacing aside, I felt it warranted a fourth season. It’s one of those Netflix shows you finally start in time for the new season and realize it’s the final season. Terrible.  

Expectations of The Witcher 

Being based on a popular fantasy novel and game series, I’m expecting The Witcher to be well received. The trailer itself isn’t disappointing at all and could be like Hemlock Grove, True Blood, or The Vampire Diaries—a novel series adapted to television that did very well. What those shows also had going for them is that people could enjoy the show independent of the books.  Actually, the show might encourage watchers to check out the book. 

At least that’s the effect HBO’s Game of Thrones, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and the Harry Potter film series had. When it comes to The Witcher, it really depends on if viewers take to the show. Netflix shows work on a smaller number of episodes per season, so it has to be good early on and finish the season strong. 

That’s in contrast to network television which can have up to 24 episodes. It can afford a slow build since there are episodes to burn and pick up things up in the middle. Some cable shows have taken a Netflix-esque approach with shorter seasons while TV shows have included a season break.  

Netflix series don’t have that luxury—not that the platform couldn’t extend seasons. So, I’m expecting The Witcher to start off big. There will be world-building and establishing characters but with a punchier pace. 

The Witcher drops December 20. If you haven’t checked out the trailer, have a peek: