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The Walking Dead Season 10 Behind-the-Scenes

The Walking Dead Season 10 Behind-the-Scenes

The thing I love the most about The Walking Dead franchise is when things pick up in a season. Since a season is often split into two parts, when things pick up towards the end of the first half, you know the second half is going to be intense. You also know that someone’s not going to make it out of that season. It’s just a rule of TWD. 

The Making of The Walking Dead Season 10 

TWD’s YouTube channel recently released a behind-the-scenes view into the making of season ten’s first half. If you’ve been following The Walking Dead since the first season, these kinds of features aren’t new. There’s a lot that goes into the make-up, scenery, and action scenes for the show and I’ve always enjoyed watching how they’re put together. 

The main difference with the YouTube features of “The Making of…” is that it’s faster-paced and meant to get you hyped for season ten—which finished up the first half last month. Having finally finished up this season, I can say it was a pretty good one. 

As for the video, the best parts are the glimpses into storyboarding and the team’s designs for the weapons. Another highlight is how the team puts together the walkers for the fight scenes. 

Dania Gurira’s Final Season as Michonne 

Now, the biggest news from this season is that it will be Dania Gurira’s last full season. While she has done film before her The Walking Dead season three debut as Michonne, her drawing power has risen significantly in the west during these seven years.  

Michonne was one of my favorite characters on the show—Carol and Morgan are also in that top three with her. When she landed the role in Black Panther and started pulling Disney money, it was obvious she was on her way out with one or two seasons.  

A bright note to that is that She did say that she was open to doing the three planned TWD films based around Rick. The first of those films was scheduled to begin production this year.