That ’70s Show To Stop Streaming On Netflix In 2020? Here’s What You Need To Know!

‘That ’70s Show’ Could Stop Streaming On Netflix Come 2020!

That 70s Show’s streaming license is due for renewal in 2020.

Come 2020, fans might stop watching That 70s show on Netflix, and this is because its streaming license is due for renewal, so if Netflix doesn’t renew it, we will be saying goodbye to the show on Netflix.

Carsey-Werner TV Company recently put out a press release, and in the release, the TV Company pointed out that their shows needed new SVOD, and they are looking homes for their long list of shows. The TV Company have a long list of shows that needed homes, and these shows include That 70s Show, Cybill, Grounded for life, 3rd Rock from the Sun, to mention a few.

‘That ’70s Show’ Could Stop Streaming On Netflix Come 2020!

‘That ’70s Show’ Could Stop Streaming On Netflix Come 2020

Most of the shows and movies we watch on Netflix are licensed, and That 70s show happens to be one of them. That means Netflix Carsey-Werner and other show owners to stream their shows.

As we all know, most shows and movies streaming on Netflix are licensed and this includes That 70’s show. That means Netflix pays Carsey-Werner to stream all the episodes of the show in its library. Now that most distributors already have their own streaming services, they try to stay away from licensing. For instance, FOX and ABC stream theirs on Hulu/Disney+, CBS also keeps its show for CBS All Access, and Warner bros has also joined the list, keeping its own show for HBO Max.

When could That 70s Show Stop Streaming on Netflix?

We don’t know when the show will stop streaming on Netflix, as the streaming giant has not talked about it. However, records show that it may stop early in the New Year – as soon as January 11th, 2020.

Other shows that will stop streaming on Netflix include Friends, which will stop streaming in January 2020. NBC’s The office will also stop showing on Netflix a year after Friends stop streaming.

Is it likely that Netflix will renew its license to continue streaming That 70s Show’s? We are not sure, but we have a feeling that Netflix might renew the streaming license even though it would cost a lot.

Since some it comedies are slated to leave Netflix in the coming few years, the streaming service will have to bring in more shows so they can replace them.

We will give you updates whenever we find out more about this news. Stay tuned to dailysoapdish and for more updates on your favorite shows.