‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hudson West (Jake Spencer) Gets Exciting New Project: “Like It Was Yesterday”!

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Hudson West (Jake Spencer) Gets Exciting New Project: "Like It Was Yesterday"!

‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers indicate that Hudson West (Jake Spencer) going to be in a new series called “Like It Was Yesterday”. It’s a three part series, which makes us wonder if that qualifies it as a mini-series (Remember those, anyone?). In it, he plays a young boy named Cole. The project is directed and written by Nik Tizekker. The series is based on people’s earliest memories. It starts off as the tale of a young Mom who has a harrowing day at the beach when her child is pulled into the undertow. I guess you could say that first episode really sucks you in. (I know, I know, that was bad. Moving on.)

The second episode is about how a young Mom on the way to the delivery room has an encounter with a nurse, but after the baby is born this nurse is nowhere to be found. Twilight Zone vibes, anyone? Or maybe Touched by an Angel vibes? I mean it is the holiday season so there could be room for that. (although I honestly don’t get that vibe coming from this particular project.)

‘General Hospital'(GH) Spoilers: Hudson West in new series!

The third episode’s plot has yet to be announced, but this is a SAG-AFTRA approved project, according to their gofundme page, which was just started in October of 2019. They have a goal of $3K so it looks like they’re just about ready to start filming. I will include a link for it down below. There doesn’t seem to be much social media buzz about the film other than this gofundme page and the twitter account associated with the director was deleted but they could be in the middle of rebranding, stuff like that happens all the time.

Either way, we wish Hudson a great deal of luck on his new project and all of his future endeavors. While there isn’t much buzz about the film now, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be in the future. We at DSD are ready and willing to keep all of you updated on when and where the project will be released. Stay tuned!!! For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.