Emmerdale Spoilers: Legend Passes Away Aged 100

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Emmerdale spoilers finds that fans woke up to the heartbreaking news on Saturday that Sheila Mercer has passed away aged 100. She continued to appear on the soap frequently up until 2009. Mercer appeared in the first-ever episode of the soap back in 1972 and was a prominent character until 1994.

The news was greeted with heartfelt messages from around the world from heartbroken fans and current Emmerdale stars. ITV broke the news to the fans in an official statement, where they revealed how deeply saddened they were to lose a character that played such a prominent role in the show’s success.

Fans Heartfelt Messages On Social Media

Fans young and old were quick to show their respect for the soap legend on social media. One fan posted on social media saying: “I grew up watching this very special lady. She was Emmerdale for my family and me. Thank you Sheila Mercier.” That fan wasn’t the only one to admit that she held the legendary character in the highest regard. Another post on social media said: “A true TV legend. RIP Sheila Mercier, aka Annie Sugden.” Mercier played Sugden for 20 years of her acting career and featured in some of the biggest storylines in the soap throughout her time there.

Iconic Actress For The Soap

She was instrumental in the soap’s early success as she was brought in as the daughter of Sam Pearson. Much of her early story lines centred around her acting as a peacekeeper between her sons- Joe Sugden and Jack Sugden. However, she endured a lot of darker storylines throughout her career as she was widowed twice and had to deal with financial issues as well as deaths of certain family members. She also endured a difficult time as she got addicted to tranquillisers. Mercier was also left in a three-month coma following a plane crash in one of the most iconic storylines to take place on the soap.

She exited the soap as she moved to Spain, before making a brief return in 2009 for a funeral. She has been mentioned throughout the last couple of years, with characters often asking how she is. Fans will always remember her great sense of humour and honesty, which ensures she was always a first port of call for those looking for advice. She will be sorely missed by the soap, and there will be a dedication to her on Monday’s episode.

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