El Secreto de Selena spoilers: Contradictions and accusations abound, as the case reaches its end.


El Secreto de Selena spoilers reveal the highly-emotional case reached its conclusion. In the Sunday, November 10th episode, Condena (The Sentence), a verdict is reached. This coincides with yet more personal drama for María Celeste Arrarás (Sofía Lama). Here’s what you need to know.

El Secreto de Selena spoilers: Defense misstep

Both sides have problems here. Team Yolanda Saldivar (Damayanti Quintanar) made a couple of huge errors. First off, they brought in an old teacher of Selena Quintanilla (Maya Zapata) to testify. This was immediately jumped on by Team Quintanilla. While she expresses her old concerns on the stand about Selena’s leaving school, the fact she was not present at the Inn on that day makes almost everything she has to say irrelevant. There’s nothing to add.

The other weird thing was trying to put Yolanda on the stand, only to take it back when the condition that she only speak of what holes they say are in the recordings.

El Secreto de Selena: The other side

Team Quintanilla also has a questionable day. Through testimony, we learn that a number of the witnesses were left alone in a room unsupervised for an extended period of time. Team Yolanda obviously jumps on that. It would be easy for people to compare notes and influence each other’s accounts, if not get their stories straight.

The other issue was, one employee was not questioned until a couple of months after the fact. She’s the only one that seems to tell a different story than the others. She also calls out one of the other witnesses as being untrustworthy. It’s a strange move in a very strange and sad story. There’s also an inconsistency in how many shots people heard. Questioning reveals that the gun was fired one time, which calls into question these who said they heard two shots.

El Secreto de Selena spoilers: Twisted tale

With only one episode left to go, there have been a lot of such incidents on both sides. There’s also been clear indications Yolanda was controlling and seemed obsessed. A scene in this episode attests to that. There’s a moment where Yolanda makes two phone calls from jail. One is to a number no longer in service. The other is Selena’s number. We can hear a voicemail greeting from her talking about how she loves whoever is calling. One thing in this story is certain. The full truth of everything that went down that day will likely never be known. It’s also sad that, as a press conference following the guilty verdict points out, two families were destroyed by this.

El Secreto de Selena spoilers: Aftermath

In other news, the story of María Celeste’s troubled relationship with Manny (Moisés Arizmendi) continues. Following the 1996 revelation he’d been cheating, he ends up getting back into her good graces. He shows up, begging her forgiveness. He also apologizes for the pain he put her through by not realizing how she needed him then.