90 day Fiancé Spoilers: Anny and Robert Torn Over Money – Bankrupt Love Hurting Romance

90 Day Fiancé Anny and Robert

90 day Fiancé spoilers finds that last week, Anny looked really bad because she sneered at the fact that Robert took her to a thrift store for a shopping trip and demanded that he pay for a brand new iPhone, an expensive engagement ring, and a wedding in Miami Beach. (Heck, she even suggested that they move there but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.) Okay, last week Robert came off looking like a regular guy who was just trying to please a crazy, money-grubbing, gold-digger who was taking advantage of him. But now… now the real truth has been uncovered and it looks like Robert isn’t the angel that we all thought him to be.

Robert’s going to drop the bomb this week that he’s a Father to not only little Bryson, but to five children! That’s right. He has five children, with four different women. Where are they? Well, according to a source since Robert is originally from New York, they’re probably in New York somewhere. Also, I have it on pretty good authority that most of them are older than Bryson. Robert himself is 41 and fathered the first of his children in his early 20’s which would make those children practically adults now, so that’s why we don’t see them.

90 day Fiancé Spoilers: For Anny and Robert, money is not the same thing

Apparently Anny had no idea about these other children, the only one she knew about was Bryson. She turns to the camera to give a rightful “What the f**k?” when she finds out. I don’t blame her, if I were slated to marry a man in 90 days and there were a whole bunch of kids that he had neglected to tell me about, I’d be rather indignant too. This makes me wonder what else he omitted the truth about. One of these things seems to be his net worth or at the very least his income. I don’t know what Robert does for a living but it looks like he inflated his salary by about 10 times when he convinced Anny to come up here from Dominican Republic.

If he was looking for a woman to be a Mom to his kids, then he is quite literally barking up the wrong tree. Anny was in this for a very specific set of things, a husband who lives in or at least has access to Miami beach on the regular, luxury shopping trips (mostly that), and maybe some plastic surgery down the line. She never counted on having to be a Mom to one, much less five children! The thing is however, ultimately Anny and Robert do both have something in common, and that is lying about their expectations. Robert wanted a Mom to his kids, and Anny, well let’s be honest, Anny wanted a sugar daddy. So I guess they do have something in common after all. Will they make it? Stay tuned!!!

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