‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Wednesday, March 13 Update: Laura Confronts Kevin About Ryan, Insinuates He Played a Hand In Serial Killer’s Murders – Relationship Takes a Hit After Unflattering Truth Comes Out

‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate that Cameron feels guilty because he drove the gang all the way to Niagara Falls, Oscar had his worst seizure yet and they ran into serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. Just a day in the life of your normal everyday teenager, right? Well, except for the serial killer part, that part made his Mom freak out, and who could really blame her? Elizabeth won’t be pleased and will definitely hold her son responsible, but hopefully the Mom in her will win out and she will see that Cameron’s been through a lot too and not be too hard on him. After all, it can’t be easy seeing your best friend have a horrible seizure and then realize that your own life could have been in danger. Besides, he’s kind of a hero, if he hadn’t been the one to tip off Jason and Laura, then both Ava and Carly could be pushing up daisies right now.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Wednesday, March 13 Update: Laura Confronts Kevin About Ryan, Accuses Him of Hiding the Serial Killer – Relationship Takes a Hit After Unflattering Truth Comes Out

Meanwhile, Valerie just wants to hang with her old pale Kristina, but Kristina has been so caught up in Dawn of Day that she hasn’t really had time for Valerie lately and Val feels like the two are drifting apart as friends. Instead of doing a nice, normal hangout with maybe a lunch or manis and pedis, Kristina makes the mistake of inviting Valerie to a Dawn of Day rally. Unlike Kristina, Valerie has not drank the kool-aid yet and is critical of their leader, Shiloh. Of course Kristina will probably rush to his defense and that will cause an even bigger rift between the two friends.

Speaking of rifts, Shiloh and Harmony will get into it when they have a disagreement. She wonders where the man she fell in love with went. Hate to tell you honey, but I do believe he’s left the building and is now playing the field, considering he’s playing both Sam and Kristina at the same time. Harmony is not the type of woman who goes away that easily, but she won’t make a move yet, so they will be at each other’s throats for awhile yet. Finally, Sam will call Dawn of Day as she sees it—a cult —and the fandom will rejoice! Because that’s what everyone’s been calling it for ages now.

Laura will finally ask Kevin how he knew that Ryan was alive and will probably not like the answer she hears, even if Kevin is filled with remorse about his mistake, it won’t bring any of Ryan’s victims back, nor will it change the fact that Ryan almost killed her daughter. Could this mean the end of Kevin and Laura?

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Poor Ava, she literally has no one and is trying to drink her pain away, especially when she goes to talk to Franco to ask what on earth his confession was about. He finally confesses the actual truth to Ava and tells her that at least Ryan is (hopefully) dead, but that’s not the answer that Ava is looking for. Death is too good for Ryan in Ava’s opinion. Let’s hope that in her drunken state that she doesn’t confuse Kevin for Ryan—but spoilers say she will. Stay tuned!!!

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