‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt and Flo Get Close, Sally Gets Jealous – High School Sweetheart Feelings Remerge To Cause Trouble In Wyatt and Sally Land

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers relate that Wyatt and Flo are getting close again, just like in the good old days. Is there trouble brewing in Wyatt and Sally land? Could be, and we know that Flo isn’t scared to stir the pot. Here’s what you need to know.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt and Flo Get Close, Sally Gets Jealous – High School Sweetheart Feelings Remerge To Cause Trouble In Wyatt and Sally Land

At Liam’s house – Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) are talking about the time she spent at the Bikini bar. Hope says that she met the birth mother of Phoebe there. It was like she was supposed to met her, it’s a weird coincidence or fate. It’s incredibly weird that she ended up at the same place and at the same place with Florence Fulton (Katrina Bowden). Apparently Flo and Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) know each other. Zoe told her that Flo’s the birth mother of Phoebe. Liam doesn’t understand how came Zoe knows about Phoebe’s birth mother.

Maybe the modelling circle put them in contact, says Hope. They both don’t understand what’s going on. They think Bikini bar is the place where Flo and Zoe met, but Zoe seemed very nervous. She never saw Zoe so upset. Liam’s very curios to meet Flo, to see who she is.

She’s vulnerable and sweet, says Hope. Liam would really like to meet Phoebe’s birth mother. Liam’s ready to go to Wyatt’s party, but Hope’s not ready. He tells her that they should go on with their life, but for Hope it’s very hard. Doing that means to let go of Beth and she’s not ready for it.

At the Bikini bar – Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) is talking with Flo. Wyatt is surprised to meet Flo at the bar. He didn’t know she moved to L.A. Flo tells him that he left Vegas with no word, no email, no nothing. Wyatt badly wants to explain to her why he left in that fashion. Flo never understood what was wrong, why he left with no warning.

Wyatt explains to her that he was working with his mother when he left. Some tricky things happened and they had to leave Vegas very quickly. Since than there have been many changes in his life. He met his father and he’s working for him. Now he’s working for him and he changed his name. He’s not Wyatt Fulton anymore but Wyatt Spencer.

Flo asks him if he loves his father. Not all the time, Wyatt says. Flo says that there’s something she wants to tell him. She loved him and she kissed him. They both recall memories they had together and they start laughing. Wyatt tells her that there’s something she should know. He’s living with someone.

Flo’s heart is a little broken. Wyatt is having a little party and he invites her to it but she refuses saying she’s going back to Vegas. Wyatt doesn’t believe her. What is there to do in Vegas where there’s just desert and more desert, but for Flo it’s home.

If she comes to his house tonight she can meet Sally and they can be good friends. Flo’s not sure about that. Wyatt forgot to tell her he has two more brothers now and he’s living near the beach. Finally, she accepts to come but just for one drink. Wyatt gives her his address and leaves saying he’s waiting for her.

At Forrester Creation shop – (Ale)Xander Avant (Adam Bradley), Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) are talking about Sally’s departure to Spencer Communications. Sally explains to them she will have her own design fashion line, but it will not be under her name. It will be under the name of Spencer Fashion and she agreed to that. Sally realizes that he no longer has that English accent. Xander tells her that himself and Zoe bet on who’s gonna lose their accent first, but Zoe’s still speaking with her English accent.

Xander tells Zoe that she seemed concerned about something. That’s because she saw somebody at Bikini bar that she hopes it’s the last time. Sally tells them that she’s ready like never before to have her own fashion line.

Sally says that they seemed to have a good future professionally and personally. Maybe they will get together someday. She leaves to answer a phone call. Xander asks Zoe how come she told Flo to leave L.A., it’s not in her character to say such a thing. Zoe doesn’t understand how come she’s working for Bill’s Spencer (Don Diamont). He was the one to ruin all her dreams and career.

Sally explains that it’s because of Wyatt. Bill wants his family reunited and Wyatt had a condition: to revive Sally’s Fashion career. Wyatt’s the most generous man she ever met.

Everyday she feels very lucky that she’s the woman that he loves. She has no words to say how much she loves him. She’s still not used to that idea, her own Fashion house again. All because of Wyatt. Xander is trying to understand what Zoe has for tonight as a surprise. It’s something at her house, Zoe tells him.

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