‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sly Reese Desperately Begs For His Life, Flo Determined To Tell Hope the Truth

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers relate that as Sally and Wyatt talk about their dinner party, Sally can hardly believe the connection that Wyatt and Flo share. What are the odds that Wyatt’s high school sweetheart would show up in town and they would meet again? Certainly not any odds that Sally had ever counted on, nor Wyatt either. He had never expected to meet Flo again under any circumstances, much less circumstances where they would be thrown together at a random dinner party he was holding.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Desperate Reese Begs On All Fours, Flo Determined To Tell Hope the Truth

While Zoe is checking social media, she notices that Wyatt has posted an update on his detailing that he has met up with Flo at his dinner party and that Flo was also there with Liam and Hope. Of course Zoe hits the roof over this and follows Flo to ask her straight from the horse’s mouth what happened at that dinner party and what exactly she told Hope and Liam. Zoe will stop at nothing to protect herself and her Father from jailtime, even if it comes down to losing her medical license.

Flo assures Zoe that she did not spill the beans regarding Baby Phoebe’s adoption and she explains that she is actually Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend and that he invited her to the dinner party when they met up again, that she had no idea that Hope and Liam would actually be there. That doesn’t mean that Zoe is any less horrified by the connection that Flo and Wyatt has, in fact this will probably serve to freak her out even more.

She will insist that Flo leave LA and return to Las Vegas, that it is too dangerous for Flo to be around Hope and Liam at this time and that her feelings of guilt will jeopardize the adoption scam. Of course its anybody’s guess as to what Flo will do with her insistence, but all bets are on the fact that Zoe won’t be able to get rid of Flo that easily and that she will have to, sooner or later, deal with the problems that she helped to cause—the only question is—when? When will the other shoe drop in this case? Will Reese and Zoe end up in prison for their dastardly deeds or will they find some means to escape the long arm of the law? Stay tuned!!!

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