‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: 13 Fun Facts About Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) – Is He a Rams or Pats fan?

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‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate that Damian Spinelli might be a bit of a wiz on the hit ABC soap, but his personal life is not a bit less interesting. Everyone knows him as Spinelli on General Hospital and this list of fun facts we have compiled for fans of one half of the Stone Cold and the Jackal duo.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Fun Facts About Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli)

  • He started out on “Night Shift” as Spinelli. Night Shift was a spin off show from GH. This role of Spinelli was only supposed to last a month or two. Spinelli became a fan favorite and Bradford has been on the show for ten years!



  • He was born in the small New England town of Meredith, New Hampshire.
  • Before he hit it big on GH, he was very successful on the New York stage. He went to the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Fans will notice his straight-to-the-point style that’s reminiscent of the New Yorker attitude.


  • His mother, who is a stage actress, pushed him into pursuing his acting career. Thank you Bradford’s mom, it goes without saying, and it’s definitely an oxymoron, but it still needs to be said: we really wouldn’t be able to enjoy Bradford’s talents if it weren’t for you.


  • Bradford and his wife, Kiera married on April 10,2010. They have two daughters, June Meredith, born July 18, 2011, and Finola Leo, born May 2,2014.

  • In 2005, he was in L.A., and landed a recurring role in Veronica Mars.


  • Anderson and Steve Burton are best friends who also have a comedy tour that sells out quickly, AKA Stone Cold and the Jackal. The two of them have a Podcast called “That’s Awesome.” Their podcast was launched in April of 2018. These two funny guys also have their website called: Stone Cold and the Jackal: https://stonecoldandthejackal.com/


  • The Stone Cold and the Jackal website features a bunch of info on Anderson’s and Burton’s road show, funny videos and clips, and GH merchandise as well. When you see these guys in action you can really see how multi-talented and multi-faceted soap actors can be. And of course, due to their differing personalities and styles, the two of them play amazingly well off each other.
  • Bradford Anderson & Steve Burton also have a band, Port Chuck. The other members of the band are Scott Reeves and Brandon Barash. They perform rock songs.


  • He has appeared on 996 episodes of GH, and counting


  • He has had 6 Day Time Emmy nominations.


  • Last, but definitely, not least: He is a big New England Patriots fan.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about one of the most beloved characters on General Hospital. Let us know if we missed something and, otherwise, please sound out in the comments section below with your favourite Spinelli moment from General Hospital.

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