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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Water Shortage In Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Brotherly Love and Water Shortages In Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers indicate a water shortage could be on the horizon in Salem. Ready for your daily dose of Days of Our Lives spoilers (if you haven’t watched today’s, anyway)? No worries, because I’m here to give you the rundown on some of the big happenings in Salem in your daily Days of Our Lives recap. Let’s see who’s getting into trouble this time…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Thursday, December 6: Nothing Like Brotherly Love…

So, you mostly likely know by now Eric is still hurting over the death of Nicole, and he blames Brady. After all, not only did Brady threaten Nicole with jail time to make her leave Salem, but he pulled Eric away from the burning building Nicole was trapped in. Seems like genius decided to once again try to make peace with Eric by putting together a memorial for Nicole. I’m calling it now, by the way: she’s totally coming back. Probably right in the middle of the memorial.

This is a soap, after all. Anyway, Eric laughs at the idea and says he’s already planning one and needs no help from him, thanks. This leads to a back and forth rehashing of past sins that culminates in a bloody brawl. Because no one can fight like a couple of brothers. I, by the way, got a huge laugh out of the “oh, crap” look on Brady’s face after he says something that goes one step too far and earns the first punch.

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Meanwhile, Maggie and Sarah are discussing Holly’s future while Maggie debates over holiday dresses for the toddler. Sarah thinks it’s time for Holly to move in with Eric, as Nicole wanted. Maggie agrees that it was Nicole’s wish and all, but she’s not having it. She’s worried about Eric’s fitness to raise her and his past addiction issues. Sarah goes to bat for him and Maggie seems open to the idea. Well… for now.

We cut back to the pub, where Brady and Eric are really going at it. Maggie and Sarah show up in time to break it up, but the damage is done. Both are inured, both are pissed, and both are in trouble. Brady, because Sarah seems to be siding with Eric, and Eric because Maggie isn’t pleased by what she just witnessed. She thinks it proves he’s not in the right place to handle Holly and refuses to let her move in with him. She’s told to leave by Sarah, who stays behind to comfort Eric. She promises that she’s going to do what she can to help him, because she thinks it’s best for him to have Holly.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Is Salem About To Have A Water Shortage?

Seems like it, anyway. I mean, Sheila sure takes enough showers while staying with Eli, which Lani is quick to point out when she stops by. Lani had come to return some cookware, and found Sheila yet again fresh out the shower. Eli, as with last time, just happens to come out almost right away with a towel. I have a behind the scenes glimpse of these two through their solo scenes, and even I think there’s something going on. Sheila plays things up, trying to get a rise out of Lani and Eli does little to change that perception. When Lani leaves, however, he does give her hell for it. She, of course, spins it into trying to help.

Later on, Eli goes to the station and finds Lani to try and talk about the situation. He seems to get a bit too much amusement and pleasure in seeing she was definitely jealous. He insists that they are going to have to talk about their situation. This is going to get kind of interesting. I’m sure Sheila’s not going to mess it up at all…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers –

Speaking of Sheila, she uses her run-in with his daughter to explain to Abe why she’s running a little late. Abe just happens to be eating with John and Marlena at the time, who get a laugh out of his end of the conversation (and the loud voice they hear on the other end) until they find out who it is. Abe explains he only hired her as a favor to Lani, as Lani wants Sheila out of Eli’s place. He says he’s regretting it though. He ends up regretting it even more after the pair leaves.

Why? Because he’s sitting alone when Sheila walks by and decides to hand him a surprise. It’s all his papers from the office, organized in a box. He’s upset, because he’s got a system. She says his system is a mess and gives him more attitude, even after he apologizes and says he’s just upset right now because Valerie can’t spend a weekend with him. Ah, a father’s love. Anyone else would fire her by now. These two are totally hooking up, by the way. They’re fighting way too much…

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