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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - First Dates, Cliches and Deal Breakers

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – First Dates, Cliches and Deal Breakers

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate a hectic end to the week with some major happenings in Salem. Ready for some Days of Our Lives spoilers? Well, I have your Wednesday recap right here, if you missed it. Let’s see what happened in Salem…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Cliches and Deal Breakers

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers indicate that one plot that is the major theme of everything today deals with Ben and Ciara’s first date. While it turns out okay, it’s got a bunch of roadblocks throughout. It starts with Ben trying to get a table at Julie’s. She’s horrified at the idea of Ben Weston eating in her establishment, much less with her granddaughter. By the way, have I mentioned how weird it is to me that everyone seems to be related? Anyway, Ben calls her out for discrimination, and she tells him to sue her. After a bit of an intervention from Chloe, Ben leaves to try and figure out what is next.

Attempt two begins when he and Ciara meet up and he explains that all the tables in the place he wanted to take her were full. Nice move, by the way, on Ben’s part for not telling her the full story. One less person she has to be mad at. She offers the pub as an option, but that’s closed. More on that in a minute. She offers to let them in anyway to cook something, but he says he has a better idea. The plan? They’re going to have a takeout Chinese picnic outside. This is where yet another roadblock comes in.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Ben and Ciara’s First Date

While they’re waiting for the food, they talk about Ben’s new job as head of Stefan’s security. Ciara is now the one horrified, as he is a terrible person and hurt her cousin. He counters that he had nowhere else to go, because no one in the town even wants to let him wash dishes. She, in her typical understanding way in regards to Ben, eventually decides to let who Ben’s working for be an issue. However, roadblock four comes along when Ben realizes he’s only got about a half hour to get to his meeting with Ted. Not exactly enough time to finish the date, especially since Ciara had just left to get the food. He calls to cancel the meeting for the night, leaving Hope furious. Before their story ends for the day, the pair finally gets to enjoy their meal and a couple of cliched fortune cookies.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Rafe Loses Hope

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that the idea that any possible explanation could come from Hope’s initial lies and his suspicious findings yesterday are basically dashed in his mind when she lies yet again. She claims to be having dinner with Jennifer and may stay the night, as Jennifer is really struggling with the Abigail situation. He decides to test this by stopping by Juile’s. No sign of Hope, Jennifer, and Julie knows nothing. They discuss what he found and Rafe decides to go back to the cabin. When he arrives, he vows to stay until Hope returns and begins chugging some of the booze left behind. Yeah, this is going to end well…

Speaking of Hope, she spends most of the episode in a hotel with Ted waiting for the Ben meetup. While they wait, they talk about the situation and bond over having both lost a child. Hope is determined not to lose a second one. As I am still new to the characters, this makes me feel slightly less stabby toward Hope, but she’s still working the nerves with this obsession of hers, as well as her questionable police work and ethics. When Ben cancels the meeting for the night, she’s furious and demands that Ted get the info she needs, no matter how long it takes.

‘Days of Our Lives’ – Got Scruples?

It doesn’t seem like it in Claire’s case. She had talked Tripp into staying in the apartment, which led to a bit of a fight between him and Ciara. He apparently took it out on the bottle of perfume he’s allergic to after Ciara leaves. Claire comes home to find him cleaning up the mess he left. She uses the opportunity to badmouth Ben and try to talk him into voting Ciara out of the apartment. I’ll stop right here and say that I remember watching a few episodes a while back before I started watching regularly recently.


Then, as I remember, Claire had some plot involving a sex tape and social followers. I couldn’t stand her right away then, and I like the character even less now. She’s pretty much my most hated of the bunch, and I wouldn’t mind her getting some major karma from all these sneaky moves. We’ll see. As of now, Tripp will continue to stay there (much to her delight), but he’s not having any part of voting her out of there or packing her stuff while she’s out with Ben, as Ciara suggested. What do you know? I found something to like about Tripp. We’ll see if that carries over the rest of the week.

As a side note, John and Marlena are back in action today. They were shown having a meal with Claire and Brady, the latter still dealing with his Nicole guilt and worry over Holly. Marlena says she’ll be helping Eric through the process of breaking the news to Holly and thinks that with time, Eric will come around. I really think Marlena is too kind at times. Seriously, Brady is about as terrible as most of the rest of the town. After the younger two leave, John puts the closed sign up and brings out some desert for Marlena to celebrate their marriage. Marlena decides she’d rather have the cake back at home.