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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Busted!

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Busted!

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers for the week of December 10 to December 14 relate some some wild happenings. But first, did you miss Days of Our Lives on Friday, December 7 and you’re needing some DOOL spoilers? Well, don’t worry, because we have you covered. Friday’s Days of Our Lives recap has some great moments to cap off the week, so here we go…

‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers – Busted!

So, you may remember that Hope is working with Ted in order to finally get the proof she needs to put Ben behind bars. She’s breaking procedure and the law, but obsessively controlling Ciara’s involvement with him despite no proof of any dirty deeds on Ben’s part comes before ethics. Can you tell I am over this by now? Yeah. There were some awesome moments in it, though.

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While the meeting did not go on as planned before because of Ben’s date with Ciara, Ben is ready to get back to work. He answers Ted’s call to reschedule and agrees to be right there. While they wait, Hope goes over the plan again to illegally record Ben confessing while allegedly trying to get dirt on Ted. She hides when Ben knocks on the door and Ted lets him in. He offers a drink and proceeds to try luring Ben in with the promise of a huge lawsuit payday, but he has to know the truth about the cabin fire first.

Ben informs him he has no need of the lawsuit money because he has a job now—working for Stefan. Ted’s reaction to finding out Ben’s working for the man Ted fears the most is priceless. He screams like a baby and Hope comes jumping out with a gun. Ben’s not worried, though. He realizes what’s going on and calls her on it, threatening to go ahead with a lawsuit if she doesn’t leave him alone. He’ll just be using a new lawyer. Hope looks like a kid who just got told the truth about Santa over realizing her big plan is dead.


‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Hope Looks Pretty Bad…

While all that is going on, Rafe continues to be suspicious and confirms Jennifer has no idea where Hope is. He finds out, thanks to Lani, that Hope charged a room somewhere on her credit card. He hurries there and demands to know what’s going on. Just as he does, who happens to come out of the shower and make Hope look even worse? Yes, you guessed it: Ted. He wanted to wash up before returning to the cabin.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Gabby-without-the-Y gives no you-know-what’s

So, we also know that Abigail is pretending to be sick so that Stefan will bring his Gabby-with-a-Y home. She actually is doing an awesome job at playing the bad girl, and I am loving returning Kate Mansi in the role. Anyway, Stefan springs her from Bayview and Abigail manages to con some alone time with her baby before bringing Charlotte home.

While visiting the baby the writers make a couple of awesome references to her looking different than the last time they saw each other. She also vows never to be away from Charlotte again. When she emerges from the room, she catches Jennifer demanding that Stefan commit her again. Abigail, obviously still smarting from not being believed when she swore she was healthy plays her role well. She’s so cold with Jennifer, I was cheering. Seriously. Something about the returning actress makes me want to root for her again.

After the mini-confrontation, Stefan takes her home and they put the baby down. He ends up leaving Abigail at the house when Ben calls, insisting they need to speak about the Ted situation (which, btw, he is clearly not happy to learn Ted was working with Hope). This is where things end on a note that is SO going to be good next week.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – The plot gets more complicated

Kate is still demanding that Gabi tell the truth about Charlotte’s paternity. Gabi, however, is worried about incriminating herself and still wants Stefan to have more time to bond. They exchange a couple of great bits about Gabi’s deviousness, as well as some great dismissals of Gabi’s ideas from a clearly more experienced plotter like Kate. Eventually, they settle on Gabi using her position at DiMera to get into the house and plant the results in Stefan’s safe, implicating him in the scheme.

Gabi gets there just in time to see Stefan leaving with Ben, which makes her wonder what is going on there. She doesn’t have time to worry about it, though, because she’s got work to do. She gets into the house and is trying to open the safe when she hears someone inside. She quickly abandons her task, and is left at a loss when Abigail enters the room. I guess whatever excuses she was coming up with probably left. She wants to know what Abigail is doing there. Abigail, obviously still dressed as Gabby, says she wants to know the same thing. Yeah, I see some interesting times ahead next week.

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