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Days of Our Lives Spoilers and Recap Monday, December 3: Plots Backfire – Entrapment Attempted & More

Did Monday crazy make you miss the start of another week in Salem? Don’t worry, because your Days Of Our Lives recap is in! If it’s still waiting on your DVR, yes, this is full of today’s Days Of Our Lives spoilers.

DOOL Spoilers – Abigail or Gabby-with-a-Y

This question was on fans’ minds after Friday’s episode because that’s how Kate Mansi introduced herself in her first full episode back to the part after a two-year absence. She’d called Stefan after a very volatile visit with Chad Friday.

Stefan, however, is a bit skeptical, as it’s been no secret that Abigail denies her DID is back. She explains that the trauma of the birth, the betrayal, and being in Bayview has finally allowed Gabby to come back to the surface.

She gets very friendly with Stefan and talks all about how he can have everything he wants. All he has to do is get her out of there so they can finally be together again. Stefan doesn’t seem to know what to think as he leaves her room, but you can tell he’s hopeful. After he leaves, we find out it was all an act.

Abigail played Gabby to manipulate her way out of Bayview and to get back at him for betraying her. Is it wrong I feel very bad for Stefan right now? He really seems to be getting some bad breaks lately…

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Entrapment, anyone?

Also carrying over from Friday is Ben getting a call from Ted, who is working with Hope. The motive? He wants protection from Stefan, who’d kidnapped him on Kate’s request. Hope has given him a phone that is bugged, hoping that Ted will get a confession out of Ben that can lock him up. I say, she’s technically committing entrapment. He knows full well the phone is bugged, and she used other justifications to get the tap.

Ben, obviously, doesn’t answer one way or the other over the phone. He instead wants to meet in person, and I can’t help but be a bit worried now for Ben. Yes, I know that’s probably messed up. Why? Well, if you missed it, he’s trying to get a face to face with Ted so he can complete mission one for Stefan. He ends the call (Ted won’t agree to a day and time to do this, obviously, because he’s scared of Stefan’s goons and wants to work the details out with Kate first to ensure his safety.)

In Other DOOL News …

In other news, Ben and Ciara are still a topic on people’s minds, as Kayla is the latest to sound off on the potential pairing. She advises Ciara not to rush into anything too soon after breaking up with Tripp. She agrees and lets Kayla know there will be nothing at all between them until Ben has his act together. As luck would have it, Ben shows up shortly after to let her know that not only does he have a job, but a place to stay. Looks like that dinner is on…

DOOL Spoilers When plots backfire

Finally, we have the Leo/Sonny/Tripp drama. Now that the couple knows Kate was behind the fake harassment claim, Will is out for answers. He demands the truth from Kate and is furious to learn she did, in fact, do that. He lays into her for hurting Sonny like this and tries to talk her into doing the right thing.

Kate’s reluctant, obviously, because while I’m no legal expert, I’m sure a number of laws were broken in this whole thing. The husband threw out the possibility of corporate espionage, but who knows? At the very least, Kate knows she did something warranting some time. Will leaves, angry at her.

Back at the Kiriakis estate, Sonny is pretty much just as furious with Chad after learning that he did nothing upon finding out the truth—his first day on the job at Titan. Again… what does he actually do? Because he’s sure a hands-off guy. I don’t recall any scenes of him actually working since he took over.

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Chad tries to apologize, but Sonny isn’t having it. He can’t believe that Chad would allow a friend to go through the nightmare of a false allegation after Chad was once thought to be the necktie killer. Will returns to find Sonny alone and still stewing. He’s shocked to learn the truth, and apologetic that he doesn’t know if he managed to get through to Kate. Kate walks in at just the right time tells him he did.

Sidenote: Gabi broke into Kayla’s office and stole the original test results proving Chad is the father, then got busted with them by Chad. I’m pretty sure there’s some HIPPA violations mixed in with Kayla’s non-secure office…

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