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‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap Thursday, November 1 – Tangled Web in Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ recap for Thursday, November 1 is in and what a tangled mess Salem has gotten itself into!

We’re closing in on the end of another week in Salem, and today focused mostly on the Baby Bonnie custody case, where Bonnie and Lucas are battling it out over custody of Mimi’s baby. Lucas doesn’t know this, of course, but Chloe is putting the pieces together. After witnessing Bonnie’s binge the other day, she’s convinced that this can’t be the mother of a baby who she might lose. She decides to go to Belle with her suspicions. She lays all the bits of evidence out there (the drinking binge, seeing Mimi alone with the child, Bonnie’s apparent disinterest when she looks at the baby vs. how Mimi dotes on her). Belle, who knows the truth and agreed to help Bonnie win the case for Mimi’s sake, is clearly uncomfortable with this line of conversation and does her best to explain things away.

Of course, as tends to happen in Salem, Mimi just happens to be out on a walk with the baby and sitting not far from where Belle and Chloe are talking. When Chloe catches sight of them, she insists that she looks like a mother with her child. She hurries over to confront Mimi, with Belle hurrying after her. Once again, they argue over how this is looking. Belle runs interference and insists on getting Mimi and the baby back to Bonnie. After they leave, Chloe steals the bottle of water that Mimi threw in the trash. Mimi, now alone with Belle, worries that her mother is blowing the case as well as the ramifications for her if the truth comes out. Bonnie is, after all, holding a murder over Mimi’s head. She’s fearful that will all come out and she’ll lose the baby.

Speaking of Bonnie (Worst. Mother. Ever.) … she’s back at the hotel nursing the hangover she got after some girl time with Hattie, and her own personal party alone later. Earlier in the episode she and Mimi had argued about Bonnie’s behavior and who the real mother is. Lucas picks then to drop the baby off early for visitation. While he doesn’t hear what they said, he did hear enough to know there was a fight going on and he wants none of that around the baby. He also insists that Mimi stay for the visit, because he doesn’t trust Bonnie alone with the infant. Mimi (who completely agrees and tells mom as much before leaving for that walk) agrees to stick around. She’s concerned that Bonnie is hoping to get Lucas back, using the baby for bait. She tells her mother outright she won’t allow her to take that baby away from her, no matter what threats Bonnie uses.

The other big plot is the “is he or isn’t he” drama with the mystery patient Sami hopes is EJ. She can’t take the waiting anymore and insists that a DNA test is done right away. Kayla says she can handle that, but Sami needs to provide a close relative to compare the DNA to. Not wanting to get her kids’ hopes up, she decides the only option is Susan Banks, his mother. She heads over to the mansion and they have an hilarious scene where Susan is terrified of Sami and Sami keeps trying to play nice to ease Susan’s worries that Sami will hurt her. Susan even pulls away from Sami after they make nice to avoid a hug, still wary. Sami’s not liking this because she wanted to pull a strand of hair for the test.

Sami gets a lucky break, though, because Susan is holding the Marlena doll she made (which completely creeps Sami out, and I don’t blame her) and talks about how much she wants to make sure Marlena gets it before she leaves town. After finding out the doll’s hair is real hair from Susan, she quickly offers to bring the doll to her mother personally since only immediate family can visit. Susan is happy that Sami would offer to do that, and hands over the doll. Sami is happy (and even more creeped out knowing it’s got Susan’s real hair) that she has what she needs to complete the DNA test.