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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers and Recap - Bill Truly a Changed Man? Ridge Ain't Buying It

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers and Recap – Bill Truly a Changed Man? Ridge Ain’t Buying It

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers indicate relate a week packed full of action up ahead. But first, let’s take a look at how last week ended

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ November 16 recap – Has Bill Changed?

At Bill’s office, Brook, Ridge, Bill and the judge are sitting together.
Brooke asks Bill for forgiveness, because when he gets mad he gets even, so leave that feeling away and forget that Ridge and the judge tried to take Will away from him. Bill tells Ridge that for him it’s all about revenge and that he doesn’t feel guilty if he presses charges against him Ridge his judge. He can ruin the judge’s career and make Ridge lose his family and his job. With just one simple call he could ruin their life, but… he’s not going to press charges. Bill wouldn’t mind seeing them hand cuffed and would feel no guilt. But Bill says that he’s not gonna make this history public, so they can go on with their lives.

Bill asks Ridge to do something for him in exchange, he wants full parental’s rights being reinstalled. He expects no push back. He wants his son back for good. Katie promises she will not take Will away from him, but Bill should remember that he hurt Will in the past. Katty accepts that Bill loves Will, no doubt about that. She will share custody with Bill as long as everything is ok. The judge apologizes for what he did. Kitty also apologizes because she knew what happened but kept it all for herself. She’s thankful for Bill not pressing charges. Brooke admits that Bill has changed and she’s also happy that he’s not pressing charges. Ridge is happy as well. Bill asks for a moment alone with Brooke.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Is Bill Reall a Changed Man?

Justin Barber is coming on and starts talking with Bill. Barber says that he will go ahead and make sure this custody will be ok. He asks Bill if he’s sure that he won’t be pressing charges, Bill says that he’s sure because he got what he wanted. Bill asks again Ridge to leave, so he can have a moment with Brooke. Ridge refuses for a moment, but Brooke mentions that this is nothing considering what Bill did for them today. Once they’re alone, Brooke tells Bill how thankful she is that he was able to find mercy in his heart. Bill explains that everyone knew what happened but they hided to him everything. Ridge hired a judge, one of his old classmates, to take away Bill’s custody, and Katie and Thorne knew and they hid everything.

But Bill is now happy because he got all he wanted. He says that he didn’t press charges because hurting Ridge would also means hurting Brooke, which he doesn’t want. His life changed him and that’s because of her. She is thankful to Bill for what he did for them. Bill says that everything he did, was for her, not him, because he loves her too much to hurt her again. Brooke says that she will never forget what he did for her family and that his life is gonna be different now. Bill says that his life could be different with she and he wants to show her how much he will change. Brooke tells him that he needs to change for him and not for her.

The ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Bill Did It For Brooke

Bill says he can’t do it for himself, because when he’s alone he is lost. With her everything’s possible. He lost too much when she left last time, now he wants to show her that he can be the man she deserves. Brooke is happy that Bill didn’t press charges even though he was tempted. He shows forgiveness and makes Brooke happy.

Brooke keeps saying the changes are because of him but Bill explained the changes are because of her and that he would do everything for her.
Bill explains that he knows why Brooke left him: he was obsessed with the Spencer Tower, stupids decisions, and so on…

Brooke tells him to forget about the past and to look into the future, or even the present. Bill says that something is becoming very clear to him; when he was with her he had everything he needed.
Bill repeats again and again that he changed because of her. His love for her will always be enduring for ever and a day.

The ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Ridge Under Fire

At Forrester Creation office, Liam Spencer, Wyatt Spencer, Donna Logan and Will are in the office. Donna brought Will, who came to see his mother, Katie Logan, but she is out eating lunch. They are conversing nicely when Liam asks Will if he and their father are getting along well together? Will says ”yes”. Everyone is agrees.

Later on, Katie and Thorne come in and explain to Wyatt and Liam what happened at Bill’s office, and that she and Bill will share custody. Everyone agrees that Bill’s changed. Katty explains why the custody was taken away from Bill. She says that someone tempered with the judge in order to dictate the outcome of the case, so she could have full custody of Bill’s son, Will. Liam and Wyatt are stunned. Ridge was the one who tempered with the judge. She explains that Bill showed mercy and didn’t press charges, so from now on they will have shared custody. Katty mentions that it’s time to forgive all about these and act like these things never happened. Ridge walks in in at this point and Wyatt asks him what he was thinking he did that?

Wyatt is trying to understand exactly what happened. Ridge is trying to minimize the situation but Wyatt says that it was just a waste of time but also very bad that nobody did anything about, besides to try to hide the whole thing.
Liam asks how his father found out? Ridge explains how it happened and that Bill committed a crime when he hired someone to record the conversation between him and the judge.

Wyatt’s reaction: ” who can blame him?” Wyatt asks Katie and Ridge what would have happened if they have had to go in prison? Ridge says that he understand that he is upset, because he is very loyal to his father but he is no saint. But finally Ridge says that Bill changed his mind because of Brooke, he wants her back. Wyatt can’t believe that Bill, his father, let Ridge ”off the hook” just because of Brooke. Katie is saying that Bill’s not the man it used to be.
Ridge disagrees and says that the only thing Bill changed is that he is not targeting Katie now but Brooke, his wife.