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General Hospital Spoilers October 26Bradford Anderson

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Friday, October 26 – Are Some People Just Born Evil? + Sam and Spinelli Team Up

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 26 suggest that Sam (Kelly Monaco) heads out of town. But before she does, she and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) pose as insurance workers as a means to try to solve the Vincent Marino murders. They will do everything they can to fight off Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) but will they be able to free Sonny (Maurice Bernard) from her grasp?

General Hospital Spoilers – October 26 Crazy Week Finale

GH spoilers also suggest that while this whole Sam and Spinelli ordeal is going down, Carly (Laura Wright) will be surprised when she tours Ferncliffe with Laura (Genie Francis). But Carly doesn’t know yet just who the patient in the next room at Ferncliff is Laura’s presumed dead brother-in-law! General Hospital is gearing for a tense finish and laying the groundworks for a horrorshow of a Halloween-week spectacular – you won’t want to miss today and you’ll definitely want to buckle up for next week. The creators of General Hospital released a teaser with the caption “Are some people just born evil?“. We have a feeling that the answer they’re looking for is YES – what do you think?

Many people believe that Laura and Carly’s new found fondness of each other makes little sense even for General Hospital’s Port Charles, what do you think? How do you think this is going to play out with Laura’s husband in the next room?

In other GH Spoilers News

GH spoilers also suggest that Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) might one of the very few persons in the know that Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) is still alive. Soap Central reported just how much of a coincidence her come back is, just in time for Halloween! This could create some serious complications for Mary, since she was responsible for threat Ryan with drugs and he might be out for revenge! How will Mary react? She could either try something drastic or try to ease the tension of the past by making amends and helping Ryan.

General Hospital Halloween Week

There are twists and turns and every step of the road, and General Hospital is gearing for an exhilarating ride for Halloween. Let us know what you think will happen, will we see a bloodbath on Halloween Day in Port Charles?

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