Tana Mongeau’s first podcast guest is… Trisha Paytas?

Tana Mongeau has been teasing her new podcast, titled, “Cancelled” for weeks now, we thought it could be a possibility but never really considered the possibility that Tana would seriously consider it – until now. The first episode hasn’t been released yet but at least we know who the first guest is going to be, and that first guest is going to be none other than Trisha Paytas.

Yup, you heard me right. 

Considering how much beef has gone down between Tana Mongeau and Trisha Paytas, you kind of have to wonder just what on earth Tana was thinking by inviting Trisha, who’s inherently problematic, on her show first thing. As you’ll all remember a few years ago, Trisha’s now ex-boyfriend and member of the vlog squad, Jason Nash, kept making jokes about having a threesome with Tana who was underage at the time.

Tana’s first podcast guest is… Trisha Paytas?

Trisha did not feel comfortable with the kind of jokes that he was making, and David Dobrik didn’t make the situation better by essentially egging it on, so even though nothing between those two ever ended up getting filmed (or if it did it got deleted, remember what Dobrik said about if people really knew what went down, he’d get arrested?) there was still quite the rift between those two.

However, Tana has invited Trisha on her show, now, we all know that Tana herself is problematic and can’t really be bothered to be consistent half the time, though, essentially she herself said nothing of the beef but Trisha complained loudly about it across several platforms.

Youtube and twitter mostly, there probably would have been instagram tea as well but Trisha’s been banned from IG ever since they decided to ban those who were promoting their OnlyFans on the site, woops. So if the beef is mentioned, then it’ll be the first time that Tana herself has ever spoken about it publicly.

So why did Tana invite Trisha? It’s clear to see that Tana is actually taking a page out of Trisha’s book herself, she doesn’t want good publicity for this podcast, she wants whatever drama that Trish can bring to the table because that will get people listening and dissecting every single thing that was said on that first episode.

There is also the fact of the matter that if she does perchance tick Trish off, Trish will be talking about it for weeks on her youtube channel, look at what she did to the Frenemies podcast, everyone was talking about it for weeks even after she left.

Except Tana is doing this in arguably a smarter way, she’s not openly antagoizing Trisha, she’s pulling Trish out of her den and baiting her, no doubt there will be something said or done on this podcast that will bother Trish, she may not say anything about it at first but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will come out within a week of the podcast being aired. We look forward to the tea. Stay tuned!!!

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