Wendy Williams SLAMMED For Complete Lack Of Sensitivity Following TikToker’s Death!

Wendy Williams has been criticised for the manner in which she covered the death of TikTok star Swavy (Matima Miller).

Wendy Williams Criticised For Showing A Lack Of Sensitivity Over TikTokers Death

Swavy, for his part, had been shot dead following a shooting that went down in Delaware. While a huge subset of fans have been mourning his death, Wendy seemed to show a lack of compassion and sensitivity when it came to covering it during a segment on her show entitled: ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’

This drew a significant amount of backlash, and looking back, it was easy to see why. During the segment, she remarked: “I have no idea who [Swavy] this is. Neither does one person in this building.” Naturally, that was the last thing on the minds of his fans. And yet, Wendy did not stop there.

She took things further by comparing how much social media clout he had before his death. Clearly, this was irrelevant considering that the young man had just died. However, Wendy could not stop herself from making a comparison between herself and him in order to see who was the bigger name.

She added: “He’s a TikTok star. He’s got more followers than me — 2.5 million.” This lack of grace soon spread and forced Swavy’s family to speak out. His mother, Chanelle Clark, had been known for being a fan of Wendy prior to airing of this segment.

That is why she did not hold back in her condemnation of her, especially since Wendy is a mother and should understand how dear children are to their mothers. In an interview with Philadelphia’s CBS3, Chanelle blasted Wendy over her comments.

She stated: “Like, as a mother, Wendy Williams, how dare you? So disrespectful. I used to watch you as a child, and even though you have a gossip show and all that, you didn’t even know my son.” Wendy should be more careful about how she uses her words.

After all, we are living through a period of cancel culture. And it has shown us that no star is immune from criticism, and ultimately each one is expendable should there be enough of a public demand for it.

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