‘Welcome to Plathville’: Welcome To Plathville S3 Promo Drops! – The Hijinx Continue!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers reveal that on August 24th we can all expect a return to South Georgia and all three branches of the Plath family as well as their hijinx. Looks like Ma and Pa Plath are still just being Kim and Barry, however, there’s been a few updates on the Lydia Plath situation and now it looks like she is texting a boy! A boy that she told her parents that she wasn’t going to text. However, she did end up texting him 168 times… in one day.

It’s okay Lydia, we’ve all been teenagers before. Lydia also said something really sad concerning her parents and Ethan and Olivia, she says she feels like a bridge between her parents and Ethan, and she just hopes she doesn’t break. You have to feel bad for poor Lydia, feeling like the one thing that keeps her broken family somewhat together.

‘Welcome to Plathville’: Welcome To Plathville S3 Promo Drops!

Speaking of family, it looks like Moriah Plath and boyfriend Max are getting along swimmingly. After their first breakup, they got back together and now Kim says that whenever she sees them together that they’re always hugging and kissing each other.

It looks like she’s resigned herself to Moriah’s fate, she says “Who knows what the future holds?” which I’m pretty sure that Kim meant some sort of shade by, but hey, we’re happy as long as Moriah’s happy, right? And she looks to be plenty happy just being your average 18-year-old being with her boyfriend.

Micah Plath is still trying to make it as a model, but his agent has told him that he has to take communication between him and the agency more seriously in order to really take it to the next level. They told him that if he continues to ignore text messages that they just might drop him and he needs to be more aware of his phone and such.

That might be the reason for Micah’s increased social media presence over the last year or so, he’s not just playing around on Instagram, he’s checking his DMs for job offers. (And hey, that’s legit when you’re a model! No matter what your uber-conservative family might tell you.)

Finally, there is Ethan and Olivia, who you can safely say stopped drinking the kool-aid a long time ago. Seems like there’s going to be an altercation when Moriah has a music show and Kim shows up out of nowhere. Ethan tells Olivia in his confessional that he is “so tired of this” and adds that his Mom is a “sneaky lady” which, we all knew, go off Ethan, you deserve it.

By now most of the other Mama boys on 90-Day Fiance would have caved and gone running back to their Moms but not Ethan. When he said he was done, he was done and it looks like he’s sticking to his guns. But we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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