‘Vanderpump Rules’: Lala Kent’s Sex Life Has Taken A Downturn Post Pregnancy

Lala Kent has opened up on how her sex life has changed since giving birth to her daughter Ocean. 

‘Vanderpump Rules’: Lala Kent’s Sex Life Has Taken A Downturn Post Pregnancy

The star of Vanderpump Rules is currently engaged to her fiance Randall Emmett, but the significant age gap between the two has continued to raise eyebrows. While the duo did silence their critics by showcasing their commitment in having a child, Lala’s sex life has changed in a way that cannot be a good thing. During an Instagram Q&A session, Lala told a fan how her sex life has changed.

She said: “It’s different! I feel weird doing it with this face sleeping next to us.” Naturally, that has tempered the high sex drive that she had prior to her giving birth. This is going to be a problem for various reasons. First of all, Lala opened up on how she and Randell are committed to having another baby. Therefore, this can only be possible if the basic laws of biology are followed.

Not only that, but Lala expressed concern about how rarely the couple have had sex compared to their previous experiences. She added: “[We] only [had sex] twice [near the latter part of the pregnancy]…because I was put on bed rest a few times, then her head was RIGHT THERE. We both had no interest.”

Irrespective of their sex life, the couple are trying to make up for any shortfalls by enjoying the most of their memories with Ocean. And the inspiration behind such a name was based on some events that the couple went through. Lala revealed how she and Emmet walked past a yacht entitled ‘The Ocean Alexander.’ It was from that moment that the duo knew the name they wanted to give their child. 

As seen by the following picture, it could not be a more appropriate name. In the image, we can see Ocean relaxing in her moses basket as she is looking into the distance with a smile on her face. Lala and Emmet may have problems in their sex life, but one thing they can count on is for Ocean to bring a smile to their faces. 

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