Univision La hija del embajador: Why Nare’s making a mistake




Univision La hija del embajador indicate there’s a messy triangle of sorts going on. Two friends are stuck on the same woman, but one is a possessive psycho who will have none of that. Even if he’s married to someone else. Let’s take a look at what just went down and why we think Nare Çelebi (Neslihan Atagül) should just give up already.

Univision La hija del embajador: The situation

First, La hija del embajador spoilers reveal Sancar Efeoğlu (Engin Akyürek) lost his you-know-what the other day when Gediz Işıklı (Uraz Kaygılaroğlu) was about to give Nare a ride to her place. She didn’t want to stay in the mansion with Sancar and his wife.

Reasonable, right? Not to Sancar. He essentially kidnapped her, and we detailed her response in this one. It was awesome. Of course, it got even better, but more on that in a minute.

The point is, Sancar is a married man, but he can’t let go of Nare, despite throwing her out years ago. With all the pain he caused, and he knows it, he keeps pushing the limits.

He really has no right to force Nare to stay at his place, nor any right to punch out someone who would give her a ride—even if that’s a friend he feels betrayed him by loving the same woman.

Univision La hija del embajador: The latest

We have to give Nare credit. We thought she was giving in to an extent, but she was really just biding time. In Tuesday’s episode, she staged an escape from the mansion. Aided by Elvan Efeoğlu (Hivda Zizan Alp) and others who created a distraction, she took off. And her daughter came along as well, but in a different car.

She ended up meeting with Gediz, but this is where things are going to get messy again. See, he confessed his feelings for her and even commented how Sancar was likely to react to him confessing these feelings to Nare. That’s about where we leave off, and we see nothing but bad ahead.

Univision La hija del embajador: Big mistake

Finally, La hija del embajador spoilers indicate Nare will decide to go back to the mansion. We think this is a terrible decision. First off, these are two grown men.

If they want to act like spoiled children and come to blows over this, it’s their business. And Sancar should really have no say in what Nare does or doesn’t do. Likely, she won’t return Gediz’s feelings, but that’s his problem.

Secondly, by returning to a place she doesn’t want to be to save their friendship, she’s giving away the power she just demonstrated. She’s allowing Sancar’s moods to dictate her actions, and that shows him she can be controlled and manipulated, if he wants to.

And considering this is the guy who spent a lot of time keeping anyone from giving her work so he could support her? He definitely wants control. This is not going to end well, and we hope Nare will wake up to that soon.

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