‘The Bachelorette’: Tayshia Adams Speaks On How Social Media Can Create False Perceptions

Tayshia Adams has opened up about the challenges from social media, with fans continuing to draw conclusions based on a person’s virtual life. 

‘The Bachelorette’: Tayshia Adams Speaks On How Social Media Can Create False Perceptions

Tayshia, for her part, is no stranger to the power of social media given that she has faced the brunt of it on numerous occasions. This first started after rumours spiralled out of control that she had split up from her lover Zac Clark. This was followed by further condemnation from a subset of fans who questioned whether she was a suitable replacement for Chris Harrison.

That is why Tayshia stressed the importance of not drawing conclusions from social media. During an interview with Us Weekly, she said: “It’s so funny because people do have lives outside of social media…However, you have to realize that it’s a real relationship behind the scenes.”

Tayshia found all this out during two incidents that had occurred on her own social media. She first experienced backlash, when she was spotted without her engagement ring. Rather than wait for an explanation, fans began to speculate that she had left Zac.

They went a step further and bombarded Tayshia with numerous posts on social media. And yet, it turned out to be anything but that. Tayshia had simply given her ring to the jewellers in order to get it adjusted, so that it would fit properly on her finger.

Just when you thought that was bad enough, there was further speculation of disharmony after Zac’s mother had unfollowed Tayshia on social media. Once again, fans feared the worst. This time, it turned out that Zac’s mother could not handle the advertising that was coming her way. This led to her, whether by accident or design, somehow unfollowing Tayshia.

That is why Tayshia is encouraging the current Bachelorette lead Katie Thurston to separate herself from social media to protect herself. She added: “I suggested to Katie, like, if you have to separate yourself a little bit, do so because you want to do what’s best for you in the relationship. And if that means, like, pulling back a little bit on social media, then do it.”

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