‘The Bachelorette’: Evan Bass Is Feeling A Lot Better Since His Split From Carly Waddell

Evan Bass looks to be in a better mood, since he split from Carly Waddell.

‘The Bachelorette’: Evan Bass Is Feeling A Lot Better Since His Split From Carly Waddell

The pair hooked up together in 2017, after coming across each other on the Bachelor franshise. Three years later, however, the pair would decide to split. And yet, the parting was not the easiest. During their time together, they had two kids: Bella and Charlie. While the two tried to save their relationship for the sake of their kids, they realised that their marriage was no longer tenable. 

Carly was very unhappy in the aftermath, whereas Evan has taken it in a different manner. In a post to his fans on Instagram, he said: “[I am] happier than I’ve been in a long time [and] Yes I’m dating.” Having said all that, the split does show that Evan cannot commit long-term. This is the second time that his marriage has failed. Prior to Carly, he was married to Marie Bass.

The duo had also raised some children: Ensley, Liam and Nathan. Despite the negativity surrounding his commitment, Evan responded by joking about how he was “[collecting] ex-wives.” But on a serious note, Carly has been left rocking. She was very open with her fans about how she suffered in the aftermath of being lonely.

This was understandable after three years of marriage, and yet, she had to accept the reality that her marriage was no more. In a prior post on Youtube, she remarked: “It’s so stupid. I just feel alone, honestly​​​​​. It’s just hard. … I know this is the new normal, but it just doesn’t feel normal. It feels awful.” While Evan has stated he is happy to be dating again, he has made one thing clear, though.

He will be staying away from the Bachelor franchise and not seek a partner through this route. Instead, he has chosen to take things as they come and meet someone through the course of his daily life. He stated: “I’ve literally done everything on the Bachelor. Been a complete spazz, looked like an idiot, engagement, marriage, a damn ultrasound, sex reveal, my kids are freaking babysat there — what the hell else could I do?”

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