‘The Bachelorette’: Bennett Jordan Opens Up On His Prior Feelings For Tayshia Adams

Bennett Jordan has opened up on his prior feelings for Tayshia Adams.

‘The Bachelorette’: Bennett Jordan Opens Up On His Prior Feelings For Tayshia Adams

The duo came across each other during Tayshia’s stint on The Bachelorette, but their respective journeys could not be any different. Tayshia would go on to hook up with Zac Clark, and there is even talk of a potential wedding on the cards. Bennet, though, has remained single despite his open advances of Kelley Flannagan

That is in addition to his upcoming participation in the Bachelor in Paradise. And the whole experience with Tayshia has left him with many memories to ponder over. During an interview with Us Weekly, he said: “It was a really tough dance. That was a really heartfelt [moment], you know, and obviously, there’s moments that you weren’t privy to, right? For me, I couldn’t have done it much differently.”

Clearly, Bennet had very strong feelings for Tayshia. But just as with many things in life, certain things are not meant to be. He has no regrets over it and has instead chosen to look ahead to the future. And that includes letting go of his prior feelings for Tayshia. He has welcomed her new relationship with Zac and hit back at critics questioning the authenticity of their relationship.

After all, there has always been continual talk that the pair are going to split, and it has often been fuelled by Zac’s prior substance abuse issues. He added: “She seems incredibly happy with Zac, and I’m rooting for those guys. I know it’s a really tough situation.” The heartbreak from his previous stints has not stopped him from rejoining the franchise.

And yet, Bennet has found himself in a unique position. He is actively pursuing Kelley, despite his commitment to the show. This begs the obvious question over what will happen if he hooks up with Kelley. Naturally, his time on the show would merely be redundant.

Or even worse, should he fail to end up getting with Kelley, any potential suitors may be put off from pursuing him on the basis that his mind is occupied with another woman. Regardless of what Bennet ends up doing, there is no doubt that he will have to ponder his options carefully. 

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