Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: How bad is bad?




Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer spoilers reveal this novela marks the first time Carmen Villalobos has played a villana. We’re so far iffy on this, and last night’s episode gave us a big reason why. Let’s talk about what happened and why we’re already wondering how bad she’ll actually be.

Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: In the way

First, Café con aroma de mujer spoilers reveal that her character, Lucía Sanclemente de Vallejo, is an obstacle between the main couple. That being Sebastián Vallejo (William Levy) and Teresa “La Gaviota” Suárez (Laura Londoño). That automatically makes her a bad guy in some fans’ eyes. However, we’re not seeing the evil just yet.

Really, as we see it, she’s being more portrayed as a bit desperate. Someone who’s trying to hold on to a man who doesn’t want her anymore.

Which is interesting, considering she’s the one that broke things off. He’s supposedly been too wrapped up in work to make time, even though she does. Yes, it seemed she figured things would turn around, but still… she did the dumping.

Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: Already?

Not that far into this show, and we’re already being given reasons to pity her. Apparently, her father pulled some shady dealings and he’s on the verge of losing a lot. In the most recent episode, she flashed back to him insisting that she had to marry Sebastián for their benefit.

Plus, he was pressuring her into giving him some of the stuff she worked for to get him some extra cash. Lucía objected, but we think it’s only a matter of time before she’s forced to do just that.

So far, we’re really not seeing anything “bad” about her at all. Not compared to other novela villanos. Really, the worst thing we can say she’s done is want to get her man back from a coffee picker, as she calls her.

Classist, for sure. Typical of a novela villana, absolutely. But we are waiting to see something really drastic out of her.

Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: Bad influence?

We hope there’s something more ahead, given the hype around her turning bad in this one. Sure, we’re still early in this thing, but we are getting “meh” vibes off the whole sympathy thing already starting.

However, we have this feeling if she does go truly evil in this thing, it’ll be partly Iván Vallejo’s (Diego Cadavid) doing. He has a lot of motivation to get rid of Sebastián. We can definitely see him using Lucía’s situation to his advantage.

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