See How Netflix Brings Their Monsters To Life! | ‘Army Of The Dead’, ‘Love & Monsters’, ‘Okja’, ‘The Ritual’, ‘Project Power’

Netflix has gone above and beyond with its special effects. They’ve created terrifying monsters from horror films like ‘The Ritual’, to zombie tigers in ‘Army of the Dead’, to giant crabs in ‘Love & Monsters’. So how do they achieve these incredible effects?

Take a look behind-the-scenes to see how they capture the real-life actors reacting to foam replicas and their imaginations in the video below that was uploaded with the following description,

“These days, so many of the movies you see in theaters and on streaming are filled with special effects. Thanks to VFX technology, entire new worlds of storytelling are open to filmmakers, allowing them to create movies that grab your imagination and hold on tight. Special effects often take care of the bulk of superhero adventures, sci-fi thrillers, and yes – even the terrifying monsters that give you nightmares.”

See How Netflix Brings Their Monsters To Life! | ‘Army Of The Dead’, ‘Love & Monsters’, ‘Okja’, ‘The Ritual’, ‘Project Power’

Viewers commented on the video, “I haven’t watch the rest of the movie that was included except Army of the Dead but they seem so cool. Looking forward to watch all of this soon.”, “The Tiger looks awesome”, “I love how Netflix is showing how proud they are with Zack unlike what WB did with him.”, “Zombie Tiger Valentine is my favorite!! Also love the Ritual’s monster its so original and scary at the same time!!”, “Damn….didn’t know there were so many awesome movies already. Watched army of the dead now it’s time to watch all the rest.” and “Netflix brings ideas to life. If only they were a big blockbuster studio as well. They would’ve given other big studios a run for their money. Especially that one studio that’s making horrible decisions right now.”

What do you think? Have you watched ‘Army of the Dead’ yet and are you a fan of Zack Snyder? Let us know in the comments below.

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