Richard Branson Wants to Beat Jeff Bezos to Space

And you thought the space race was between the USA and the USSR, and that it was all over by the 1970’s!

Well, now we have a new Space Race on our hands- it’s the battle of the billionaires with Richard Branson doing his best to beat Jeff Bezos out of this world.

Amazon billionaire, Bezos announced he and his brother, along with an auction winner will blast out of the Earth’s atmosphere on July 20. This will be the first crewed flight for Bezo’s Blue Origin aerospace company. The 11 minute flight will be on board the six-seater New Shepherd capsule.

Richard Branson Wants to Beat Jeff Bezos to Space

This announcement sparked all-things-Virgin billionaire, Branson to move up his Virgin Galactic inaugural trip, 60 odd miles from our planet.

No date was attached to Branson’s maiden voyage upon the VSS Unity SpaceShipTow rocket-plane, however, since Bezo’s has been set to claim the title of first billionaire to take his own rocket to space, Branson has made a counter announcement that he will now take the title on the 4th of July weekend.

Quite to move from a Brit to steal away the Independence Day holiday!

Branson may run into a snag, however as Virgin Galactic is yet to obtain a commercial reusable spacecraft operator’s license from the FAA.  We doubt the office will be very busy with other applications.

Branson is yet to speak publicly about his proposed trip however, Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke with TMZ on Thursday about the Billionaire Club and their rocket fights.

Warren didn’t mince words when she said Bezos’ planned trip to space is a slap in the face to taxpayers. She explained the hard working American is basically funding the trip because Bezos doesn’t pay his fair share in taxes.

After the initial trip, the space capsules will be available to book for commercial flights- but don’t expect ‘the hard working American’ to be able to afford a seat.

Now we just await a selfie from Elon Musk next week, taken from one SpaceX rockets on the edge of space as a na na na na na to his billionaire buddies.

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