Netflix’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ See How They Created The Visual Effects & Added Tig Notaro In!

Netflix’s ‘Army of the Dead’ continues its reign on the streaming platform, but the thing that keeps getting brought up is how comedian Tig Notaro was added into the film after filming was already wrapped.

Let’s just get the joke out of the way now, Warner Brothers couldn’t edit a mustache off of Superman actor Henry Cavill, but Zack Snyder can add an entire person to his film after the fact and no one can tell.

However, this was just one of the incredible visual effects of the film. Take a look at the video below and see how they not only added Notaro but how they animated the zombie tiger and more!

“This is a collection of some of the most complex visual effects shots from Army Of The Dead including how Tig Notaro was digitally inserted into the movie!”

Netflix’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ See How They Created The Visual Effects & Added Tig Notaro In!

Viewers commented on the video, “WB couldn’t even take care of a mustache and Zack put a whole person into a movie”, “I feel like Snyder has an understanding of lighting and what looks believable that not a lot of other directors or even vfx artists have. I feel like he’d be amazing on Corridor Digital’s VFX artists react series.”, “Even after seeing the vfx. She still perfectly fits in.”, “To think that this VFX team worked on 2 big projects back-to-back (Snyder Cut & Army of the Dead) & both ended up looking amazing, is incredible. Well done, team!” and “So much respect for her. Acting with people can be hard but doing it alone takes skills.”

What do you think? Have you watched ‘Army of the Dead’ yet and did you know that Tig Notaro was added in after the fact? Let us know in the comments below.

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